Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Infinite Intelligence

The video clip is Meherwan Jessawalla, my uncle and Eruch's younger brother, talking about Infinite Intelligence. The manuscript's history is already well-documented. However, I would like to share a bit about the editing and the time and effort Meherwan put into this project.

When we found the manuscript, Eruch was still alive and so was Aloba and Bal Natu. A start was made on the transcribing of the document, with all of us who could type being volunteered into the job! I remember Meherwan asking me several times a day, how much have you done? There were also the bits in Gujarati or Hindi that would need translating. Meherwan stayed up late into the night working on it. He already had a lot of routine work to do in Meherazad, but he made time for this. His health suffered, he had stress-related symptoms, was very tired every day, but he did not falter.

Meherwan is an exceptional man. When Beloved Baba was asked what a saint looks like He pointed to Meherwan who happened to be there, and said 'A saint looks like that.'. He (along with Eruch and Manu and Gaimai - their mother) share the rare trait of being very disconnected with their egos. Detachment is just part of it. They genuinely don't realize what exceptional beings they are. Being with them has brought home to me what the art of surrendering totally to His Will truly means. Not that I have too much success at this, but it means I try! Anyone who has met them knows exactly what I mean. Eruch used to talk about 'Congenital Felicity'. This is a Sufi term for being born into a family that has a deep connection with the Avatar of the Age, the Rasool. It apparently takes millions of lifetimes (maybe I exaggerate the numbers or maybe I am being conservative) to be born in such a family. I am so glad that in this advent Meher Baba gave me such a family. Thank You Baba, for Congenital Felicity!!


  1. Daniel Ladinsky told that he asked Meherawan whether it was true that Baba had said he was on the 6th plane. Meherwan replied (according to Dan) that it was true Baba had said that, but as for him, he considered himself a complete rascal!

  2. Hey Kendra,

    I don't know if that is true or not. I will ask Meherwan next time I talk to him. Baba did say, however, that Meherwan is what a saint is like. Naja often teased Eruch and said, 'Baba never said that about you, only about Meherwan. You must be Satan!'

    Anyway, if Meherwan called himself a complete rascal, he was being very optimistic about his rascally abilities.

  3. In 1999 Baba indicated to me that I should come to Meherazad and it had something to do with water and the "missing" book. I had no more than checked in at Meherabad after traveling straight through for 54 hours to get there and a young lady by the name of Sharah who quite literally and immediately put me to work with regard to the water quality at Meherabad and, especially, Meherazad. So for nearly two weeks a friend of mine, Sarah and I cleaned reservoirs and worked on the contaminant issue with the ground water at Meherazad.

    Fortunately, Baba gave me some quality time with Eruch who I feel in my heart all the time. One day while we were actually waiting around for something I do not remember, probably lunch or the bus, Eruch slapped me on the back and then again quite forcibly when I didn't react the first time. Nor did I react the second time as it felt like the hand of the Beloved had touched my soul. Eruch asked me what I was about or was curious as to my behavior, I suppose, and I said I was absorbed in thinking about the Ten Gods and Eruch said, oh you are one of those guys, or words to that effect. This is when I was being instructed to mention the Book to Eruch and I had no idea why until years latter. After this experience the need for me to ask about the book departed and I spent the rest of my time really trying to help the people that populate Meherazad with the quality of their water as it was found to contain carcinogens. For the next two years I gave material support to the water issue with letters to the trust as an expert water operator and one micron filters to help filter out some molecules of insecticide and other known and unknown chemical from an abandoned factory on the left side of the road in to Meherazad. I still do not know if this issue was ever seriously addressed by the trust. I recommended that the drinking water and cooking water be trucked in from Meherabad.

    One day when I had some time to my self I was visiting Mohammed the mast I saw Eric Nadel washing out a t-shirt and I said it looks like you have went native. I had never met Eric and did not know who he was. He invited me in and we immediately bonded on some level as I felt he was a good man just like Eruch and Kitty Davis, Jane and her son and Mrs. Patterson and others whom I had met in 1967 at the Center there. Anyway, I felt blessed again without really understanding why.

    Eric after visiting for awhile got very animated about a project he was working on and he gave me some of the first images of "I His Hand." I know now what this had to do with my earlier conversation with Eruch about the Ten States of God and the missing Book that was never mentioned, directly. I never communicated with either Eruch or Eric again in this way of the heart and I dearly miss their earthly presence every single day as they both reside within my heart. Only Baba do I feel such a closeness to as these two souls and I have no notion why.


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