Tuesday, 14 April 2009


I have a very sore knee. Have had it since Thursday last week when I went and stood in the cold wind for over3 hours waiting for the Queen to arrive in Bury St Edmunds.

The pain is so severe, I find myself going 'Oh Baba' a lot. I am not happy about the pain, but it does seem to make taking His name happen automatically.

Baba often said that He shared His suffering with those He loved most. Perhaps this is why. When we suffer we remember Him more. But that is surely a very limited remembrance. When I was going through the breakdown of my marriage I really suffered. I often talked to Baba, and begged Him to go love someone else so they could share His suffering, and give me a break! He did not listen right away, but slowly things fell back into place, life went on, and that suffering is a distant memory. Unfortunately, it also made remembering Him less frequent.

Because Kabir's wonderful couplets give us a better way of remembering - 'Dukh may sumiran sab kare, Sukh may kare na koy. Jo sukh may sumiran kare toe dukh kahe hoy?' which traslates into, 'Everyone remembers the Lord when they suffer, rarely does anyone remember Him when they are happy. If we remember Him in our happiness, then why would we ever become unhappy?' I decided to make it part of my 5-year plan, many years ago, to remember to be thankful. I have 'thank you' moments through the day. Today, I had so many thank you moments. My colleagues at work saw I was in pain and did small things for me through the day.. fetched my printouts, did some shopping for me in their lunch break, made me cups of tea, just came over to say they were there if I needed anything so just shout..

I was able, inspite of the pain, to have some moments when Ididn't call on Baba because I was hurting. I called on Him to say thank you for my wonderful work-mates.

We are constantly told to remember to have our 5 a day. 5 portions of fruit or veg. Maybe we also need to remember to have at least 5 a day of time taken out of our work, play, boredom or whatever to sit and talk to Baba. I am off to cook supper and talk to Him. We women can multitask!

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