Friday, 8 May 2009

Wonderful Brothers.

This is the second clip of Meherwan Jessawalla talking about 'Infinite Intelligence'. I love browsing YouTube, there are so many wonderful clips of the Mandali and family.

And one of Eruch Jessawalla, Amartithi 1997. I know it says 1977 on the title, but it was 1997. I recognize myself (quick walk-on in background) - and I certainly wasn't 18 at that time! Also, Eruch does say somewhere about it being the 28th Amartithi. We were talking about Eruch a lot during our visit to Spain, because Miriam, Pedro and other Baba lovers all knew him and loved him too. Eruch's unassuming nature and his love and humility are so evident in this clip. 'I am Eruch, the slave of the Lord.' Befitting the fortunate slave! How I miss my uncle. And how great to find such a very evocative video clip of him to share. Jai Meher Baba!

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