Saturday, 20 June 2009

God in our own image.

"He who knows everything displaces nothing. To each one I appear to be what he thinks I am". Meher Baba.

I have had Lol Benbow staying and working on the re-wiring of my house before I let it out and go to India. We often discuss our lives with Baba in between his work of wiring and mine of sorting and packing. We were talking about how different people interact with Baba. Lol kept talking about someone not 'falling into line' with Baba's teaching. I was trying to understand how anyone could 'fall into line'. What did this mean, exactly?

There is no right or wrong way to be with Baba, in my opinion. We all make God in our own image. My Baba is like me, shares my sense of humour and is able to argue with me because He is mine. As long as He and I are 'We' and not 'One' this will happen. I used to find it really hard to identify with Baba as presented by my ex-husband. His Baba was judgemental, critical and punishing. It does not mean he loved Baba less. We just loved different Babas.

When God made us 'in His image', He probably didn't count on the infinite variations of Him we'd bring into being!! Hindus have the concept of 'Ishta Devta' or 'Preferred Diety'. They pick one out of the pantheon of Gods and Godesses that populate the Hindu Divinity (each being a manifestation of one aspect of the Divine, who is 'One') that matches their nature or need, to worship. But don't we do the same thing? He is all things to all people. Next time someone tries to push their Baba, remember to love Him as the One in all, and accept that they made Him in their own image.

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