Friday, 24 July 2009


I'm in the process of moving back to India after many years in England. It's a semi-sweet time, packing up a life and getting ready to start a new one, right back where I started from. Baba brought me here and now He is taking me back home.

It reminds me of the story of how he got the Jessawalla family to move to join Him. They had a lovely home that Papa Jessawalla took much pride in, a great life and everything that He had given them. Then He decided to take it all away. He gave them a very tight deadline and told them they would have to sell and get rid of everything before coming to Him. The house was sold at a ridiculous price to a Parsi couple who took advantage of the need for a quick sale and got it at a throw-away price, along with many of the contents.

Baba takes us through regular cleanses - we are made to give up all the stuff we have collected, hoarded and got attached to - then start over again. He teaches us detachment in the simplest way, by making it impossible to hang on to stuff. I gave away my fish, which was a wrench. These fish came with the house when I bought it in 2005, had babies while I was away in Spain, and I had watched the babies grow from tiddlers to adult fish in their own right. We put them into a pond in Hartest, where after a bit of confusion they swam away quite happily. They certainly were not attached to me!!

There is not much I am sad to leave behind. The only sadness comes from leaving friends behind. But they will stay in touch and I'll be back to visit. Life will go on. I will be back and see more of my family and friends in Meherabad and Meherazad, spend time with Meherwan and Manu Jessawalla, look after them and my parents when they need looking after. But Baba is with me here and will be with me wherever I am. I take Him and His love with me. That is the best thing of all to carry with you wherever you go.

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  1. Sub sach bolo meri choti. Ham Baba pyar bohot pasanda hai with tum.

    blessings of the Beloved be upon thee where ever you be.



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