Monday, 23 November 2009

Childhood friends - Baba and Dr Ghani.

Douglas asked Meherwan if any of Baba's Mandali was cheeky to Baba, disagreed with Him, or talked back. Meherwan said that the only one who did (and was allowed to) was Abdul Ghani, Baba's childhood friend. There is a term in Hindi, 'Langotya dost' which loosely translates to friends since they were in diapers. Ghani and Baba were Langotya Dosts.

Ghani was always questioning Baba, making jokes, and being cheeky, but got away with it. Baba loved his humour, and he entertained Baba during the times when He was doing a lot of very strenuous work. However, Ghani was very lazy. He was the laziest man ever. He would go for long times without even bathing or changing his clothes. Meherwan said that he (Ghani) usually slept with even his shoes on, during the New Life.

When Baba called the meeting for His Mandali to choose if they would go on the New Life, He was very strict about the need for them to read the conditions they were signing up to, and to not discuss it with anyone. They were just to think about it, and give their 'Yes' or 'No' answer without any consultation. But Baba so wanted Ghani on the New Life with Him, that (and Meherwan says that this is not written or published anywhere) He got Eruch to go to Ghani and take him aside and tell him that Baba said it would not be that difficult (hard), just say 'Yes'. Ghani hated walking, hated getting up early, hated hardships of any kind, and Baba knew that he would say 'No' if he thought that he'd have to do all this with Baba and the rest of the Mandali. So Ghani, reassured by this, said 'Yes'.

Meherwan said that Baba had another reason for wanting Ghani with Him at the start of the New Life. Ghani did not have long to live. Baba wanted him to have as much time with Him as possible. So Ghani came with Baba on the first stage of the New Life. He did not enjoy it! But he loved Baba and Baba loved him, so he was able to go on with it for as long as the time when Baba gave the Mandali the choice of continuing with the New Life or going back into the Old Life. Adi K Irani, Ghani and one more Mandali (Meherwan did not recall the name of the third man) chose to go back. Shortly after that Ghani died. Baba's Langotya dost went back to Him, finally - perhaps for all time. Who knows. Except Baba, of course. And He is not telling.

Next post will be about superstitions. Again from the Walk Talks. I think that is a lovely name for these anecdotes that Meherwan narrates on the walks. Jai Meher Baba!

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