Friday, 21 May 2010

Hari Om.

Hari Om, a lovely name for our one Beloved. It was also the name of a lovely little soul, my friend Miriam's pug, who died just over a week ago. Baba loved dogs, as we know. Hari was such a sweet and gentle soul that I am sure that Baba is playing with him now! Hari Om is now part of the ever-resounding OM! Bon voyage our Hari. Send us snuffly kisses now and then.

Has anyone read the book 'The Cat Who Went to Heaven'? Such a beautiful story. As is Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and of course, 'The Little Prince'. When the fox and the prince talk about taming each other, it is the best explanation of being loved and special that I've ever read. Maybe someday a book will be written about Hari and how he tamed us all, so that of all the pugs in the world, he was our special one and we looked forward to seeing him. Jai Baba Hari Om, I will so miss you when I next come to Spain.

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