Tuesday, 18 May 2010

He is everywhere!

I have been travelling around Turkey and Egypt with friends, and each place had so much beauty and history that brought to mind Baba's travels around this part of the world. He has visited the pyramids of Giza and stood in front of the Sphinx, blessing the country with His presence.

We took a trip into the desert outside of Sharm El Sheikh, and went on camel-back to a Bedouin settlement where we were given dinner and then watched the stars come out and viewed some of them through a telescope. Watching the sunset my friend Vijaya asked me to sing the Gujarati Arti. There among the sandstone hills, with the sun setting in a blaze of colour, I put on the matchless violin solo by Kokila Gillett which I had on my mobile phone and sang the Arti. It was so beautiful, in the vastness of His creation the song He composed ringing out to praise our Beloved. I sing the Arti when and where I can. I sang it softly in Rumi's tomb-shrine in Konya, but here I felt Baba most strongly.

Going to Turkey and Egypt you can't miss the temples. Each one seemed to have been erected to name a king as a god. How right they were..we are all divine, all God, and Baba is everywhere.

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  1. Beautiful image you paint with your words... floating amidst clouds and Baba's radiant pictures


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