Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Vishnu Master

The current edition of the Trust's newsletter has an article about Vishnu Deorukhkar (Vishnu Master, as he was known to all), and it reminded me of my memory of him. Vishnu Master would be sent to Poona by Baba to do shopping or errands for Baba or the Mandali. When he was there he would come and visit Gaimai and the family in Bindra House. He invariably would come early in the morning when we were having breakfast. In those days we used to have a pot of fresh cream on the table daily, and a couple of tablespoons would be poured on a Karak Chappati (stale chappati that has been roasted on a coal fire until really crisp), sprinkled with sugar and eaten for breakfast.

Vishnu Master loved cream. He didn't take a couple of tablespoons, he would take the whole bowl and eat it all! I remember telling Gaili (as I used to call Gaimai), "That old man has come again. Quick, hide the cream or he will eat it all!" Gaimai would always tell me to be more giving and let him eat it all, I could always have some the next day. Not a satisfactory suggestion at all.


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa. So our little close fisted choti didn't
    want the old man having all the cream!!!!! Chi!!!

  2. Not at all!! I wanted the cream myself.


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