Thursday, 2 September 2010

The power of His Name.

A lot of people are coming to Meherazad and asking Meherwan and my dad Sam about how to deal with depression, anxiety, difficult circumstances, life in all it's really upsetting forms. Again and again they tell them, "Repeat Baba's Name." The power of His Name is greater than Baba Himself. "Tu Meri Zikrr mein toe Main teri fikrr mein." If you spend your time in My Zikrr (discussion - talking to and about the Lord, remembering Him constantly) then I must spend my time in fikrr (concern, worry) for you.
So He promised when He came as Mohammed, and so He again promised us this time around. "Don't worry, be happy. I love you more than you can ever love yourself." Is that a promise or what?? Who else has ever promised you anything even close?

I find that I am a lot happier handing it over to Baba and letting Him take over. Even stuff that would have scared me shitless a while ago seems to have lost it's power to worry me. Hey, delegation is my biggest strength, and who better to delegate to than Baba? Nobody does it better, as the song says! So Baba, here's to Your Will being done, and no, I really don't want Your Will to be my will!

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