Monday, 8 November 2010

Memorial Tower

This is finally going to be built. I heard that Ted Judson has gone to Agra to buy the marble to build this 56' high tower. The tower will be inscribed with the message that Baba gave and the names of His lovers whom He had listed and offered a rose for each one, all of them dead before Beloved Baba dropped His Body.

There will be no additions. It is a closed list, and no exception will be made. Once, when Bhauji broached the subject of adding the names of close families, like the Jessawala family to Eruch, Eruch's emphatic and immediate reply was, "No, not our family. Ever." This means that the Mandali as we knew them will not be named on the memorial tower, nor will His family or the families that were close to Him. However, the message talks of lovers gone and those to come, so we are all there, in His heart, and in the palm of His hand.

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