Saturday, 29 January 2011

Manu Jessawala comes to Meherabad after several years' absence..

Manu Jessawala, Eruch's sister, is now nearly 93. She hadn't been to Meherabad even when it is relatively quiet for several years now. In fact, the last time I recall her coming for Baba's Darshan at His Tomb was the year after Eruch died, which would make it 5 years since she was last here.

We were discussing her coming for Amartithi, on 30th January and just taking Darshan and leaving right away. At first she was reluctant, saying that she would come for her birthday in May. Then Meheru visited her, told her that she should go because it was no use putting off taking His Darshan at the Tomb, and we all encouraged her. After thinking on it for a bit, she said that it was better she came now, because she may not be around at her birthday and Meherwan Dubash had assured her that he would help out with the arrangements.

So she came! With Michael Ramsden driving her, Camilla, Meherwan, Davana and later my dad who joined at the Dhuni, she was taken in a wheelchair to the Tomb where she took a long Darshan and then on to the Gadi where she again bowed down. We tried to persuade her to eat a masala dosa at the South Indian Food Stall but she refused, wanting to go back to Meherazad as soon as possible. I will add a video of the visit later, because I need Gary here to put it online for me!

We are all so happy that Baba allowed Manu to come (inspite of a fall she had just 5 days ago) and that she was able to be in His presence at the Tomb, instead of in her room as she usually is these days. Jai Baba.

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