Friday, 20 April 2012


Many of you will have read Shelley Marrich's email about Meheru having a stroke yesterday.  Though the initial signs were hopeful, today Meheru's condition has deteriorated.  The stroke initially affected her right side and she was unable to move her limbs on that side.  At close of day she was responsive to her name and was moving her toes.  But later in the night she developed a fever and though the fever has broken she is in a coma, and the other (left) side is also affected.  Meherwan says that she had an aneurysm that is bleeding into her brain.  Due to her heart condition Meheru cannot be given anticoagulants or other drugs to thin her blood.  I am sure that Shelley will post another bulletin on Tavern Talk when she can take time out from her caring for Meheru.  I hope to go to Meherazad tomorrow morning.

Meheru is in a critical state.  Please pray to Beloved Baba that He takes care of His Meheru and brings her back to us, if that be His Will.  If He wants her to come to Him, then she will surely heed the call of her Master and obey, as she has done every day of her life for so many years.  Meheru is dear to all of us.  We are all praying and sending her our love and thoughts so that she may know how loved she is.  I am selfishly not ready to let her go, and I know that there are many who feel this way too, but it is in Baba's hands.  As I go to sleep now I know that I will be holding her in my heart and hoping for better news in the morning.  Eruch loved this little prayer that we were taught in my convent school:

"Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray Thee Lord my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake
I pray Thee Lord my soul to take."

There is no doubt that Meheru is Baba's and that should the day bring news of her going to Him, she will be with her Beloved Baba.  But Baba please, let us have Meheru for a while longer.  Love and Jai Baba to you all.

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