Friday, 18 May 2012

Final Farewell...

This afternoon after tea, we will go to Mehera and Mani's room, say the "Beloved God" prayer and take Meheru's urn from there and put it in Mandali Hall.  There it will rest for the night.  Tomorrow it will be taken by Janet Judson and Heather Nadel to Meherabad in the morning, after an Arti and prayers where the whole household (residents, servants, dogs) will be present.  There it will rest in the Samadhi for the night, and the following morning (20 May 2012) we all will go from Meherazad to Meherabad to inter her remains on Baba's left side, between Goher and Katie. 

Nadia (Wolinska) has painted a wonderful motif of lotuses and swirls and angles in shades of lilac in the small crypt that will house her urn.  That is where we will leave her, close to her Beloved Baba and all her sisters of the women Mandali, for all time.  End of an era.  Beginning of a new one.  An annular solar eclipse will mark this momentous occasion, this never to be repeated event.  So fitting, a ring of fire for Meheru.  AVATAR MEHER BABA KI JAI!!! 

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