Thursday, 4 October 2012

Meheru and Manu Get a Wonderful Send-off.

2nd October was Meheru's birthday.  Had she still been with us she would have been 85.  Since it was a pilgrim day at Meherazad it was decided that all who came would be invited to share in the scattering of her ashes and also Manu's ashes, all around Meherazad and on Seclusion Hill.  Shelley posted an announcement in the Family Talk and we were all so pleased that Bhauji read about the scattering of ashes and decided to join in the event.  Also, Davana was back and could be a part of the whole thing.
On Sunday afternoon, after the pilgrims had gone, Shelley and I put Manu's ashes in ziplock bags.  On Monday we started at 11 a.m. with Meheru's ashes (much more in quantity) and Kacy, Dana, Shelley and I started filling bags.  There is a whole sack of wood ash - the coals that are left after the pyre has burned down - which will be put into the roots of trees in Meheru's beloved garden.  Manu's wood ashes are already spread in my parents' fields.  Everything was kept ready and waiting for the pilgrims. Bhauji and Co. arrived first, and went straight to Baba's room where they took darshan and then spread some of the ashes of the both of them around the steps, behind Baba's window and around the tree where His picture had appeared for Mehera.  Bhauji was looking well and was giving out prasad accompanied by seven slaps on joined hands to the accompaniment of "Bhrma, Vishni, Mahesh".  I always reply, "Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai".  It seems strange to me that he invokes the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer when Baba is all in One!!!  I am also not a "Jai Ho!" person.  I love my "Jai Baba" and take every opportunity to say it. Still, it was good to see Bhauji in Meherazad.  Recently, he has only been able to come for funerals!  First Meheru and then Manu. 
As they were finishing, the pilgrim buses arrived.  There was a good turn-out, a lot of residents had also come, and a packet of each one's ashes was given to individuals and groups, to scatter.  They were asked to make sure that they didn't scatter where people would tread on the ashes, otherwise they could scatter wherever they liked, either around Meherazad or on the Hill.  I led a group up the Hill, and of course someone following had not heard the instructions correctly, because on the way down what did I see?  Ashes clearly marking the centre of the path, all the way back to the house!! 

But it was Meheru's birthday, and we wanted to celebrate it too, so there was a meal planned for later, and people who had been close to her were all going to stay on.  It was a sort-of potluck, with dudhi (white gourd) prepared in the Meherazad kitchen, Indira bringing pea pulav and Alan making the main dish (apricot mutton) and the dessert (apple pie).  It was also Mike McDonald's birthday so he and Sarah brought the soft drinks and Cindy Lowe and Heather brought ice-cream. 
So we ate a wonderful lunch, and ended the day with a snooze before tea at 3 with Meherwan!!

Jai Baba to you all.

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