Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A message from Tukaram, Meher Baba and Meherwan Jessawala!

Meherwan and I have once again begun working on the final edit of his memoirs.  Today we were going through some memories of 1956, in which year Baba called him for the first time to Meherazad for a month's stay.

I am sharing with you a portion of this chapter, because it has great relevance for me personally right now and Meherwan feels that this is the key to living a life according to Baba's wishes. 

When I first arrived for my long Meherazad stay, Baba had said to me just outside the hall, "You have long ears." He continued, "Make full use of these big ears that God has given you—hear everything in one ear and let it go out the other," meaning that I shouldn't dwell upon anything that I hear or see going on at Meherazad, and that I should not to try to play one person against the other but just be an observer.

Actually, Baba wants all of us to do that—to be a sort of observer in the world—and not to get involved with things. Just listen, observe and be a witness. It’s a policy that can benefit everybody who does it, but unfortunately we have a tendency to get involved in little things, and then the controversies start. Even Tukaram has said in one of his poems, "Tukaram says keep quiet and just observe all that is happening in front of you." In essence, this means that, whatever happens to us or around us, we should be resigned to God's Will.
This is how Meherwan lives his life to this day.  He is able to be a silent and unpartial witness to many situations, both upsetting and delightful.  He keeps the same equanimity whether there is strife or harmony, though he's always trying to bring harmony in the events around him.  He does what he feels is best, then leaves the rest to Baba.
Meherwan had been given the task of making concise summaries of some of Baba's unpublished discourses to be used as messages for the groups of Western lovers during His visit there in the latter part of 1956.  He had actually come from Poona to Meherazad to stay because he'd had a breakdown from physical exhaustion and mental stress from his job with the New India Assurance Company, where he was working at that time.  The story below is a sweet account of how Baba lovingly and very matter-of-factly cures Meherwan of the persisting symptoms of his stress-related problems.
Although Baba liked it that I was working, at one point He came in and asked, "Are you typing again?" Just then I had one of those disorienting episodes that I had experienced in Poona from overwork on insurance matters. I literally couldn't respond to Baba at that moment, and He asked, "What's wrong with you?"
After a short while, I said, "Baba, I just had this little sound in my head and a peculiar sensation, and I just blanked out a bit."
He said, "Yes, I could see that. Good it happened in front of Me!" Then He said, "Call Gustadji." So I went and fetched Gustadji. Baba said to him, "Put your hand on Meherwan’s head and bless him so that he won't have a recurrence of this attack again." So Gustadji, whose health was quite good at the time, put his hand on my head, and Baba said, "Now you won't be bothered again by this." Sure enough, after that I never had any of those dizzy spells ever again. I think it was a reward for all the hard work I was putting in. Then Baba told me, “Give Gustadji something for what he has done.  Seeing a piece of cheese that Naja had sent me for breakfast, Baba said, “Give that to Gustadji.”  I was staying in Pendu's room at Meherazad and I had my meals with the other mandali but Naja used to send me something for breakfast.  So I gave the cheese to Gustadji who was very happy as he adored cheese and ice cream and other dairy products—and he very happily made off with it.
Meherwan's book will be a truly delightful read.  He has shared his memories of the whole family's times with Baba, right from the start.  Readers will be able to see how the family is connected to Baba and each other.  It was a large family and it did get confusing at times!  I hope we can finish it by the end of this year and put it out there, so that everyone gets a chance to be a companion on this particular literary journey.  
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  1. Hopefully the book will be finished and out by the end of the year.......It certainly will be a treasure......Jai Meher Baba....


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