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Baba's Toy - Kaka Baria

Ardeshiar Shapurji Baria ( Kaka )
Born : 23rd February 1891 - Navsari,MS, India 
Died : 27th February 1969 - India
Nationality : Indian

The reason you are getting two stories today is because as we were talking about the Samadhi and the Tombstone, Kaka's name cropped up in the conversation.  

Kaka Baria was one of Baba's close ones.  He was a very loving and simple soul, and his only desire was to be close to Baba.  Usually an amicable man, he had an immense dislike for Baidul, another of Baba's close Mandali.  There was a fierce rivalry between the two for Baba's attention.  Kaka didn't like Baidul's success as a mast hunter, and Baidul didn't like that Kaka was the manager of Meherazad!  They often had blazing rows, which Baba enjoyed.  Kaka called Baidul "Enemy #1".  There was an "Enemy #2", but more on that later.

Kaka was devastated when Baba dropped His Body.  Like a child who has lost his mother and father at the same time, he was stunned and confused.  During the seven days that Baba lay in the crypt, Kaka would stand outside the door, behind the wooden poles that formed the simple barrier to marshal the people who came to take a last darshan of His lovely form.  If someone brought him a chair, he'd sit down.  He would often have tears running down his cheeks.  But he would not move too far from the door.  He had had several heart attacks and a couple of strokes and his speech was severely impaired.  But if you engaged him in conversation, he'd smile for a bit and talk to you, in  his fashion...

Because of the strokes and subsequent loss of speech, Kaka didn't converse like you or I do.  He'd talk gibberish.  He would come and talk in this manner to Baba Who loved to hear him, and would laugh and laugh.  Even during the last gathering for Mehera's birthday and Dara/Amrit's wedding and the Navjotes of the Dadachanji and other kids, he came on stage and clapped and talked and entertained Baba!  Falu Mistry recalls that he would come to Pendu and say "Papeta, papeta" (potato, potato in Gujarati).  Pendu would then hand him a box of matches, which was actually what he wanted, though he had forgotten the word for match, and called it potato! This is why Baba called him His toy.  

On 7 February 1969 it was decided that Baba's Body would be covered up.  The wooden cover was made and brought.  It was a very flimsy box, making it easier to disintegrate.  The reason why Baba wasn't directly covered with earth was because it would have made Mehera very unhappy.  She was still reeling from the shock of Baba's going, and this would have devastated her.  The box was only a token covering so that at least there was something between Baba and the weight of the earth that would cover Him.  Kaka was dead against the plan.  However, it was not possible to keep Baba's Body uncovered indefinitely.  Sarosh brought the box in and he and Adi and Eruch lifted it into the crypt after removing the ice and flowers that covered Baba, and placed it over Him.  Kaka only saw Sarosh, who "Put my Baba in a box".  Sarosh was thenceforth Enemy #2.  

After the interment, the first meeting of the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust (AMBPPCT)  after Baba's passing was held on 27 February 1969, at Meherazad.  It was held in what is now called Room 7, across from Mandali Hall.  There was an easy-chair outside what is now Falu Mistry's room, and Kaka was sitting in it.  When Sarosh arrived, Kaka shook his fist at Sarosh, as if to say "Come over here if you dare, I will hit you."  He continued to sit outside, and sometime during that first meeting, he died.  Within 20 days of seeing His Beloved for the very last time, Kaka decided he had had enough, he was going to be with Baba, and off he went!  He is buried in Meherazad, the only male mandali to be laid to rest there.  It was where he wanted to be, the place he had looked after for his Beloved Baba for decades.  Very few know he is there, even fewer go to see his grave, but he was a stalwart, a true warrior for Baba.  Of an early morning I often walk over to visit with him where he lies, to the left of the old Meher Free Dispensary building, now called Pilgrim Facility!  I like to thank him what he did to make Meherazad what it is today, and preserving it for us and for His lovers to come for all time.  Thank you Kaka Baria!!  Jai Meher Baba. 

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