Saturday, 15 February 2014

Getting it right.

Worldwide Baba Family Meeting (WBFM) is a new online forum that has a live chat on Sundays, where people who have met and known Beloved Baba meet and share stories.  It will, I understand, be a space for togetherness in His Name and His Love.  

As sometimes happens, I was sent a question by a Baba lover in the West, regarding a quote - "Baba said some would come to Him directly and some through His mandali" -asking if Baba had actually given this message, because this had appeared on a recent post by WBFM.  

Though I didn't think Baba had said this, I had to check, so I took the question to Meherwan Jessawala, the nearest thing to Mandali that we who live in Meherazad have left.   Meherwan said that Baba has not said anything like this at all.  He did say, and Mani also confirmed this, "You'll see, my gems will come."  Baba was referring to the deluge of lovers who would come to Him after He dropped His physical form.

Further, Meherwan told me that Baba never let any of the Mandali think that she or he had anything to do with someone coming to Baba.  He actively discouraged this attitude.  Telling a sweet story to illustrate this point, Meherwan said that once Baba sent Baidul out to announce that Baba would be meeting people, giving His Darshan. Baidul was to announce it randomly to people he met on the street, giving the date and time as specified by Baba.  Baidul did as ordered.

On the appointed day many people showed up, and seeing the crowd there Baidul said to Baba, "They are all here because I went and told them!", implying that all these people had come to Baba because of his actions.   Baba gestured that they are here because He sent Baidul out to give the message.  As Eruch often said, they were merely Baba's willing slaves.  Otherwise who were they that people would come to Baba because of any of them?  People came to Baba only and totally because of Baba Himself.  And more importantly, they came when it was their time to come, not a millisecond before or after.   

In the later years we often heard people come and say things like "Mani will be a Perfect Master in her next life." or "Bhauji is God-realized."  It is not something that either would have encouraged if they knew it was being said about them, I don't think. It is so important to guard against this kind of useless speculation, because what business is it of ours?  As Meherwan often says, our only responsibility is to remember Baba and take His Name.  We do not need to know if the Mandali were advanced souls, whether they had specific stations and roles, nothing.  If the Mandali themselves didn't give these things much importance then why should we?  

WBFM has, of course, taken off the 'quote' and are happy to have any inaccuracies pointed out, so they can correct them.  To add to the growing quantity of "If Baba had thought about it, He would have said..." stuff that is out there is not what they are about, I'm assured! And I look forward to watching their webcasts sometime.  I am usually busy when they broadcast, but I will surely try to catch some of the stalwarts they have lined up.  The time is coming when all those who met the Avatar in the Body will be dead, and WBFM will be a very valuable resource because it will have a record of their stories told in their own voices.  Bless you all for making this happen, and thank you!  Each has their own perspective, their own memories and so each gives yet another facet of our Beloved's advent.  

If anyone has a genuine query about the accuracy of something they have read or heard and want to get clarification leave me a comment, and I will ask Meherwan or my parents or someone from the Baba family or other close ones, and try to get you an answer.  

Jai Meher Baba.


  1. Great essay, Mehera, thanks for weighing in and for sharing Meherwan's perspective on this point. I signed onto today's chat in time to hear two men from Arangaon talk (with translator) about their experiences on the hill during the seven days before Baba's interment. One was Hari Bhau Kandale, the other's name I didn't catch. It was most moving to hear these stalwart old lovers speak of that precious time and of their personal memories of Baba. I really felt the Meherabad atmosphere and was so happy these voices are being recorded. Jai Baba!

    1. I so agree. It is important to get their memories while they are still alive. Those of us who had the great good fortune to have been in His physical presence are a dying breed, and it is up to us all to tell those who came later what it was like. Of course, it is important to be as accurate as possible in your recounting your stories. Thank you for reading my blog.


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