Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Love - mother style and Avatar Child style.

Shirin Sheriar Irani, Meher Baba's Mother.

Meherwan Jessawala had been to Pune for a few days, to have a hernia op. Having been discharged from the hospital (where we had a very comfortable 3 nights stay) we were having lunch with my mum Roshan Kerawala and sister Dolly.  Another old Baba-lover friend also tagged along and was talking to mum very loudly, and she talked back to him at full volume too.  Having run around since early morning to get the discharge done asap, I had a bad headache, and this shouting was really not helping, so I turned to them both and said quite sharply, "Can you talk in normal voices?  I have a very bad headache and don't need it made worse."

Mum must have said something to Meherwan, because this morning while I was having a cup of tea he said very sweetly, "Your mum said that you are like her mother-in-law, always telling her what to do and what not to do." I had to agree.  Since she fell ill mum does not do anything unless she's pushed and reminded several times.  I was telling him so, and he (gently as always) pointed out that unless you are going through it yourself you can't judge anyone's effort or lack of it. Also, my mum had done so much for so many, we should be taking care of her without a murmur.  

"You know, Baba was so particular about Maiji's care. He would take care of her even when He was in the strictest seclusion, doing fasts and working on His Universal tasks.  Often He would come in late at night, totally worn out, to visit with her briefly before retiring for the night, and just as He was leaving her, she would call Baba back to say something else to Him, often a very trivial thing.  Baba would go back and wait patiently until she finished. Sometimes He would insist on sitting on her lap. She would object, she would demur, but He'd sit on her lap! "Merog, get off, You're too heavy," she would protest. "How does it look, You so big and still wanting to sit in Your mother's lap?  What will those madams (Western women staying with Baba at that time) say if they see this?" Baba would reply, "They will think, how lucky I am that I am still sitting in my mother's lap!"  She would beg and plead for some decorum, but Baba would not get up!  See how He humored and teased her? Do the same for your mum."  

It struck me afresh, this love and teasing between the Avatar and His earthly mother.  How easily loving, how simple their relationship was in it's deepest essence!  Though Maiji often fought with Baba, wanted special privileges, flouted instructions, none of that came in the way of His love for her and hers for Him.  He was still her Merog and she was always His Maiji! 

I am dedicating this particular post to all of us who are struggling with ill, feeble and dying parents.  There are many of us, and we all bear a big load, living a life that is responsible for our parents' welfare and nursing them through the last years and months and days of our lives.  I am doing this myself, and it was hard and keeps getting harder.  Christina Arasmo Beymer, I salute your service to your mum, and hope Baba brings about a speedy end to her suffering.  

Love and Jai Baba to all parents and all children who read this.


  1. I am also looking after an aged mother who is having "new" health issues. Thanks for your encouraging and supportive post. I have noted this about Baba's special consideration for his parents and all elderly folk over the years that I have read through the different accounts of his life in the world. I have full faith that he is pleased with you and those who show their love for him by their care and respect for parents and elders. Jai Baba! Dan Sparks

  2. Dear Dan!! He actually said this to Meherwan Jessawala, taking care of your parents and serving them is to serve Me. When Eruch went to be with Him and take care of Baba, Meherwan was told to look after the family, which he did until Manu died in 2012. Now it is my privilege to take such care of him as he lets me, and be there for my parents too. We are all in the same boat, parents need care and we are there for them as they have been there for us when we were younger. We may not always do the best job and they may not have been ideal parents, but we are what we are, and all we can do is the best we can.

    Hang in there! Jai Baba!


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