Monday, 31 March 2014

Meet Merwan Dubash, our new Trustee!

Amartithi 2011, L-R Merwan Dubash, Michael Ramsden, Manu Jessawala, Meherwan Jessawala and I
(Photo courtesy Davana Brown)

On 29th March 2014 the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust selected a Trustee to replace our dear Bhauji.  The person they selected is Merwan Dubash, son of Adi and Roda Dubash.  Adi Dubash was himself a trustee.  Born in 1947 in united India, Merwan met Beloved Baba when he was only days old, rather like I did.  Merwan and his wife Ruby are Canadian nationals of Parsi origin.  They have one son, Neville.  His family has been totally devoted to Baba and Adi and Roda returned to India and got back their Indian citizenship after years of struggle, just so that they could live undisturbed in Meherabad and be of service to the Trust.  

Merwan and Ruby too have been coming to Meherabad for several months a year for the last many years.  They've helped with so many things - he is the bedrock that supports the AMBPPCT's Financial Committee but he also helps with other projects around Meherabad and Meherazad.  Ruby helps with Archives projects and also comes to Meherazad to help Michael in the Meher Free Dispensary, a few times a week during their stay here.  Both do Samadhi duty during their stay and of course, during Amartithi each year they are a very integral part of the team that manages volunteers around Baba's Samadhi.  Even before he became a trustee, he was very much part of the 'team' and was relied on by the Meherabad trustees as well as by Falu Mistry, the managing trustee at Meherazad.

People may recall I had written a blog a long time ago, for Amrit Irani to be made a Trustee?  Well, I still think she'll make an excellent trustee, but maybe AMBPPCT is not quite ready for a big dose of female energy right now!!  Still, the Board has made a very good choice in Merwan.  

He is totally reliable and trustworthy.  He (like his parents before him) has given generously and unstintingly of his time, effort and resources to projects of the AMBPPCT.   As a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with decades of experience in the UK and Canada, he is more than  capable of steering the Trust through lean times and managing the finances with integrity and transparency.  His ideas are sure to make the working of the financial department more efficient and streamlined. 

Of course, I've known Merwan all my life and he's like the older brother I never had, so I'm a bit of a fan of his.  He has strong ties to the Jessawala and Kerawala families.  Manu was so fond of him, she always perked up and got better during his visits.  He can be brusque and very business-like, but we need that kind of person here!  He once said to me, "I'm not here to win any popularity contest, I only want to get the work done."  Hear, hear!!!   Go for it, Merwan!!  

Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!  


  1. Hi Mehera;

    I can't read all your blog post because other material is superimposed on it.

  2. Bill, I have the same problem. Bob Hartzell knows how to tweak it,so I will ask him to help. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  3. Actually, I just changed the size of the photograph to a smaller version, and it seems to have worked fine. I went back to my emails and re-read what Bob had said, et voila! Jai Baba.


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