Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Creation, My Rules!

The subject was obedience, and how to be obedient.  This was in Mandali Hall, last Tuesday.  There was quite a crowd, and someone who was listening to Meherwan Jessawala talk about obedience asked, "Does Baba get displeased or angry with us when we fail to obey Him?"  I said "No." and simultaneously Meherwan said "Yes."  It must have confused the hell out of the poor pilgrim who asked this question!  

I asked my uncle to explain and he said, "When Baba gives an order and we don't obey Him implicitly, He is displeased. He's our Divine Father and our disobedience makes Him sad. We can't give the Lord anything, but we can give Him our obedience."  If we are always questioning and challenging Him, it is not only displeasing to Him, but could also be a hindrance in His Universal Work, because Baba does not ask us to do anything without a definite (and divine) purpose behind it.  Thinking about this, I shared with the group that when I was a kid I'd constantly question my mum, and often disobey her instructions or wishes.  Because she was bound by Baba's order to not punish me, she would sigh and say, "When you are a mother yourself, you'll understand what I am going through."  Of course, I used to scoff!!  Oh, the arrogance of a child!  Years later, when I had my son Sheriar to bring up, he started on the "Why" refrain, and I always said to him, "Because you are my son and I am your mother. You live in my house, and while you are in it, it is my house and my rules."  Everyone laughed.

As Meherwan was about to continue, a very smiley Jeannie MacDonald spoke up from her corner, "Oh, I get it!  Baba is like a mother, He is saying, "My Creation, My rules." so if you don't like them then you have to go find another creation, if you can."  I thought that was absolutely perfect!  Of course, that is how it is.  His Creation, His argument! Because we have nowhere else to go, do we?

Meherwan Jessawala walking out to wave goodbye to the bus, with Suzie Imura (R) and Ma Meher's father (L)

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