Saturday, 12 September 2015

"Come All Unto Me"

Baba said, 

"Age after age, amidst the clamor of disruptions, wars, fear and chaos, rings the Avatar’s Call: “Come all unto me!”
Although, because of the veil of illusion, this call of the Ancient One may appear as a voice in the wilderness, its echo and re-echo nevertheless pervade through time and space, to rouse at first a few, and eventually millions, from their deep slumber of ignorance. And, in the midst of illusion, as the Voice behind all voices, it awakens humanity to bear witness to the manifestation of God amidst mankind.
The time is come. I repeat the call, and bid all to come unto me."

Here we are, then.  His Call is totally unambiguous.  He does NOT say "Come all unto Me via so and so."  He does not say "Come all unto Me via a path that calls itself the 'fast track' to Me because they mistakenly believe that I promised them a 6th plane illumined teacher for the next 700 years.  He does not say "Come all unto Me by going to a 'living guru' who can raise your kundalini or awaken your inner consciousness or heal you spiritually or any other such diversions.  

His Call is direct.  "COME ALL UNTO ME."  He directs us to take the shortest route to the Avatar, by heeding His Call and making a bee-line for His feet, to hold on fast to His Daman and to remember Him as often as possible, preferably with every breath.  This is Meher Baba's Call.  

Later in the message Beloved Baba gave on 12th September 1954 He goes on to say,
"Age after age, history repeats itself when men and women, in their ignorance, limitations and pride, sit in judgment over the God-incarnated Man who declares 
His Godhood, and condemn Him for uttering the Truths they cannot understand. He is indifferent to abuse and persecution for, in His true compassion He understands, in His continual experience of Reality He knows, and in His infinite mercy he forgives."  

More and more we hear people who come to Meherazad and sit in Mandali Hall and ask Meherwan Jessawala if he thinks if so and so is a true guru?  "I feel very drawn to him or her, should I go there?"  Sitting in judgement on the Avatar Himself and feeling that He is not enough, that one needs a 'living guru' is at the root of such curiosity.  As Meherwan says, having come to the court of the Emperor, one does not need to bother with His clerks or ministers.  He also reminds people that those who claim spiritual advancement can only be recognized by one who is God-realized.  The likes of you and me, we are not fit to make this call.  In modern management speak, such things are outside your pay scale!!  Those who indulge their curiousity will have to pay the price, and sometimes the price is to lose the Kohinoor diamond that is the Avatar in exchange for a piece of glass.  If you do, He will forgive you, for forgiveness is His nature.  But you will have to take the consequences of your actions, because He won't take those away.

Baba has assured us that in each incarnation we go forward, never backwards.  However, we can go backwards in the same incarnation...and anyone who succumbs to the lure of the latest 'enlightened being' who comes along or the one who promises to get you an audience with someone who has passed over or claims to heal your aura, body, spirit or mind through occult means after coming to Meher Baba takes that risk with eyes open.  You makes your choices, you pays the price.  No other way, is there?  Choose wisely, my friends.  You have already been chosen by God Himself. Don't lose this priceless opportunity by going after mirages.  


  1. Thank you for your beautiful words dear Mehera!
    Jai Meher Baba

  2. It is important for us (me) to hear Baba's message, and yours also. Yours are the words of a bold witness who takes on a beautiful responsibility towards your fellow travelers. May the Beloved bless you and keep you ever closer. Jai Baba...!

  3. Bill and I were very touched by this and thoroughly agree with what you have said. It was especially poignant for Bill because that was the day when he first met Meher Baba at Wadia Park where this message was given. Jai Beloved Baba Bill & Diana Le Page


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