Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ajmer - where Baba Himself bowed down.

My sister Dolly and I took a trip to Jaipur and from there to Ajmer, to visit the shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti - Garibnawaz to his millions of followers. It was Ramadan so the shrine was not crowded, and we got to spend time there.

Before we left Meherwan reminded us to bow down to Khwajaji on everyone's behalf, including Beloved Baba's. When I asked him why Baba's behalf too, he said that Baba went to Ajmer several times and bowed down to this Perfect Master. We had a long (comparatively speaking) time at the inner shrine, and I offered prayers for everyone, especially for our Erico and Heather, who remain critical.

The energy there is so powerful that tears came unbidden and I honestly could not think of a single thing to ask for myself. I prayed for my family and my friends, for Gary who is going through a very difficult time, but though the Khadim (one of the Shrine's care-takers, believed to be descended from the Khwaja's family) kept saying 'Ask for anything - business, love, health - He will hear your prayers' I just could not think of anything. Instead, I felt a great sense of gratitude that I was able to be there once more, and to breathe the truly spiritual essence surrounding the place. We threw handfuls of fragrant roses over the tomb, and went around it once, before leaving very reluctantly.

Outside there were Quawali performances at each door. These are, we were told, on-going between the 5 daily prayers (namaz) during Ramadan. We left Ajmer feeling at peace, and with a sincere desire to return again. I now know why Meherwan asked us to bow down on the Avatar's behalf too. Baba always said that He bowed down to the love of His Lover, and here is one of the greatest Lovers of all time. Jai Baba!


  1. Jai Baba to You!We pray to Baba for Eric and Heather's fast recovery.
    Jai Baba

  2. Yes, all prayers go to Baba, and I pray He does what is best for both of them. All we can do is pray and trust. Loving Jai Baba to you too.


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