Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Why bad things happen to good people.

The last week has been a really tense and sad one for the whole Baba community world-wide, because of the tragic attack on Erico and Heather in their own home, while they slept. They are still in hospital, Erico in the ICU, and it is heart-breaking that this has happened to two really lovely people. It is also heart-warming to see the flood of love and prayers that are being directed towards them to help in their recovery.

My aunt Dhun had muscular dystrophy. She once said to me, when I asked her why Baba let her become totally disabled (I was a teenager then, and angry at what I saw as injustice) and she told me that Beloved Baba acknowledged her suffering Himself. One day, Dhun said, Baba told her, "Dhun, I could make you walk. I often wonder if I should do this. Then I tell Myself 'No'. You suffer this lifetime and it will cut the sanskaric burdens of seven." He also said often to the family that only those whom He loves are allowed to share His universal suffering.

Dhun's father (my grandpa or Papaji as we called him,) Homi was one such. Homi worked very hard as an engine driver on the Indian Railways under the British. His wife died very shortly after my mother Roshan was born. Left with 3 physically handicapped children and one young toddler, he had to rely on his and his wife's family to help bring up his children. He was a conscientious provider, and managed to save a very respectable amount in a financial company based in Lahore. However, when partition came in 1947, his money was stuck in what was now Pakistan, and he and his family were in India. He lost everything.

Homi never complained, he was always smiling. He would tell Baba jokes sometimes, or narrate an item of news he had read and his take on it. Baba loved listening to him. One day in the mandali hall in Guruprasad Baba asked him, "Homi, I have taken everything from you - your wife, your children's health, your money, your home even. Yet you have never complained either aloud on in your heart. Why not?" Smiling as ever, Homi told Baba, "What have You taken? It was all Yours anyway, so why should I complain or feel that You have made me suffer?" At this reply Baba smiled and said, "Homi, today I have lost and you have won!"

Perhaps Erico and Heather are also loved the most, they are sharing in His universal suffering. I dedicate this post to my dear friends and salute their love for Baba. If it is His Will, they will recover, fully. If not, whatever suffering they go through is also His Will, and His Will will be done. Loving Jai Baba to all.


  1. Jai Baba to You and Love to Heather and Eric Ji.
    Jai Avatar Meher Baba Ji Ki
    Chandar Meher

  2. Thank you for this insight that our suffering when accepted as Meher Baba's will contributes to unwinding our samskaras.

    And thank you for your website. I have appreciated many of your articles.

    Jai Baba,



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