Sunday, 6 September 2009

Erico is free...

This morning at 11.45 I heard that Erico had died at 11.30 a.m. IST. He is now free, and Alan Wagner related his experience as they left Meherabad, of his dear friend coming to tell him so and to ask him to look after Heather. This story is beautifully touching, but it is Alan's story and he's the best person to tell it.

I have since had calls from Himanshu and text messages from his wife Bhavna. They know Heather and Erico very well, and also a lot of the residents. Both have said the same thing. We live as if we are going to live forever and this has got to stop. I agree. We forget to tell those we love and care about how much we love them. We stay away from our friends and dear ones, getting caught up in activities that have little or no real meaning and which do nothing to enhance our happiness. We have many incarnations before we are God-Realized, but we only have the experience of this life right now. Baba always told us to live in the present, and we need to mark Erico's departure with a promise to ourselves to do just that.

Don't waste time. Don't hurt those who love you, don't forget to keep them close and tell them you love them. Do take time to call or write to someone you have not heard from in a while, perhaps they need your love and contact. Do hug your family and friends and let your embrace convey how much you care. Baba's embrace was like coming home. When He gave me a hug I felt as if it was my birthday - the same sense of celebration. When Eruch gave you a hug you knew you were well and truly hugged!! He was a great hug-therapist. Please hug someone really hard and say a quiet prayer, Erico is happy now, but we need a lot of help to get through losing him. Happy trails brother, you were and are loved and will be so, so missed. Jai Baba.

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