Monday, 12 October 2009

Dhuni 3

The third Dhuni since I came back to India. Today, we heard that Dolly Dastur's brother Fila (Firoz) Engineer died early in the morning. Fila was a gentle and lovely man, though his sense of humour could be very unexpected! Jal and Dolly were in Mumbai for the funeral and we missed them at the Dhuni.

Fila died quickly and suddenly. He went to the Mumbai Baba Centre yesterday, and was planning on coming to Meherabad with his son Rayomand and his neice Meherangiz and her family, next week. It makes me happy that he didn't suffer much, his passing was quick. I will miss Fila.

I found that I had not actually published this post! So it is being published today. Fila is now home, and I know he found a rousing welcome from his Beloved Baba waiting for him.

P.S. I am back to throwing a stick in the Dhuni and asking Baba to take what He wants.

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