Sunday, 22 November 2009

Meherwan's 79th Birthday!!

Today is Meherwan's 79th birthday. It has been a long time since his birthday was celebrated, mainly because he's so shy of any 'fuss' as he calls it, that he avoids any occasion that will draw attention to himself. But he didn't have a choice. It was all organised and he had a lovely lunch which has just finished, leaving us all stuffed and happy! Manu, Meheru, Falu and all the family (apart from my son Sheriar, who is in Cambridge) were there. Also Davana, Kacey, Dr Anne, Janet Judson, Mike McDonald & Sarah Schall, Dr Michael (Ramsden), Nurse Douglas, Peter who is so shy we rarely see him (but we are working on getting him over this), Viola Marks, Craig Ruff, Ruby & Meherwan Dubash.. think that is all. Oh, and all the dogs were there, and got scraps and a final treat of icecream!
Davana baked a wonderful cake, Sarah and Mike provided the ice cream, Kacey made a great salad, Ruby and my mum made sev, my mum made a delicious daal & rice (Baba's & Meherwan's favourite) and stew. My sister Dolly & I got in chicken kebabs, paneer chilli and mushroom curry with stuffed naans. Too much food, but oh so lovely to eat and enjoy Baba's bounty in His home at Meherazad, together! Thank you Baba, for special people and special treats.

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  1. Mehera, I love these accounts. Thank you. If you can, please send Meherwan my belated (and very quiet) birthday greetings.

    Jai Meher Baba,
    Sheila Krynski


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