Saturday, 21 November 2009

Walks with Meherwan Jessawalla: 2 dogs and a story that will be continued..

Today we were walking as usual in the morning, and we had Douglas (the nurse who is staying at Meherazad for part of the week while Dr Anne Moreigne goes to Meherabad to do her clinics there) with us. We also had the 3 Meherazad dogs; Moti, Barkus and Rolly. Meherwan was saying how Rolly and Moti are Pakistan and India and whenever they fight there are skirmishes on the borders. He then went on to tell us stories about two of Baba's dogs.

When Baba was in Meherazad He performed the prayers with the men mandali each morning. The doors to Mandali Hall were closed when prayers were being said, but to facilitate any latecomers, the back door (towards Mehera's porch) was kept on a chain which could be lifted so someone could quietly come in during the prayers. One day an emaciated, skinny little puppy slunk in, unnoticed. When the prayers were finished, Baba noticed this little scrap and asked where the dog had come from. Moved by it's pitiful state He asked it be fed. Eruch protested, saying 'You know very well Baba that if we feed it, it will never go away' but Baba insisted.

The dog was fed and as predicted, it stayed. Baba gave the dog to the women mandali to look after and Mehera taught it some tricks, which Baba enjoyed watching. Baba always overfed his pets so this dog ended up sleek and round, quite fat, actually. Because it did tricks Baba named the dog Rammu, i.e. Playful. Rammu was the last pet adopted by Beloved Baba.

Meherwan continued, 'There was another dog, one given by one of my uncles to Baba in 1941 or 1942. It was a good dog, and Baba liked it very much, and kept it. Anyway, the war was in full spate, and Baba named the dog Warrior. Baba was so fond of the dog that though He was in strict seclusion, He would take Warrior into the Seclusion cabin with Him. Who knows what work on the universal scale Warrior did for Baba. However, the work was so intense that the dog died in a very short while. Baba asked Padri to dig a grave for Warrior behind where the women Mandali's graves are, and He then carried Warrior out to his final resting place Himself. He laid the dog in the pit and then filled it in with the help of the other Mandali.' On being asked about Mastan, Meherwan said that Mastan was Baba's favourite and that He did a lot of work with and through him. But Meherwan did not elaborate.

He did go on to tell the story about Baba taking a group up Seclusion Hill, and the allegory Baba gave of the path being like the spiritual path to the Beloved. However, it is late, tomorrow is Meherwan's 79th Birthday and we are having a special lunch for him, so I'm going to sleep. I will write the story about the path along with the sequel (promised to Douglas this morning) in my next post. Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!! Happy Birthday Meherwan.


  1. The story of Warrior told in Lord Meher, Vol. 7, 2617-19. According to Baba, Warrior was not actually a dog, and was brought in especially for Baba's work. When he died, Baba said of Warrior, "no more birth."

  2. This story is as told by Meherwan Jessawalla.
    But whatever way Warrior's story is told, he was one lucky soul.


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