Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Being regular.

Manu Jessawalla was in hospital for several days, returning home to Meherazad on Saturday last week. She had fluid in her chest cavity which caused her right lung to collapse and made breathing very difficult. After 3 litres of fluid had been 'tapped' from the chest, the lung inflated and she can now breathe and talk and walk a lot better. However, the tapping made her back and side ache due to the awkward and uncomfortable position she had to sit in while the fluid was being drained out of her.

Because of the pain Manu had to take painkillers. Painkillers are constipating. The Jessawalla family has a thing about being 'regular'. They often quote Baba's cousin Naja who used to say, 'Jo din zhada voh din sara', (The day you have a motion is a good day). So being constipated was awful for Manu, but when we teased her about it, she said that Baba was also very particular about it. This is true. I recall times when we were eating a meal with Baba and the women Mandali, and Baba would gesture to one or another, 'Did you have a bowel movement today?' He also discussed His own bowel movements on either side - the men or the women. Is this a divine thing? Sai Baba had a
'Lindi' procession when he wanted to go. He was followed by a large crowd, all happy that the Perfect Master was 'going'. Perhaps with the Perfect beings this is a necessary part of their universal work,
the evacuation of the sanskaras they take on from and for the rest of us. As you or I'd say after a particularly satisfying one, 'Aah, what a relief!!' Just on a Universal scale!! Loving Jai Baba to you all!


  1. Dearest Mehera:
    I love this post! Being "regular" has always been an obsession with the male members of my family, and I've always been kind of embarassed about it.
    Boy, do I feel a lot better about it now...especially if the Avatar was concerned about it as well.
    The "evacuation of sanskaras" gives it a whole 'nother perspective, validating it, as it were, from the God-Man's point of view.
    Ironically enough, a year and a half ago, I had a colostomy (which Bhau has), totally eliminating the concern of regularity or irregularity, as I have absolutely no control of it anymore. I'm at the mercy of my body, which does what it does without my permission. Not pleasant, but the operation saved my life. so you see, even this "automatic" regularity is His blessing.
    My best in Beloved, always,
    Mickey Karger.

  2. Oh, we all grew up with regular discussions about stools. I shall tell Manu how lucky she is to be able to be constipated, because she could be like Bhau and have to have a bag, this will keep her quiet for a bit.

    As always with Beloved Baba, everything has it's blessing, and I guess that the taking away of the volition aspect of this particular bodily function could be considered a blessing in some ways.

    Living in Meherazad, I get so many people come up to me and tell me that they enjoy reading my blog. Maybe one day you'll come and tell me in person that you enjoy the stories! It is something I am enjoying, though I initially was most reluctant to do this blog at all.

    Love in Him,



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