Tuesday, 10 November 2009

His little finger..More walk talks with Meherwan Jessawalla.

Meherwan is always talking to me about how precious the opportunities to have been with Beloved Baba in His physical form are. Along this vein he was remembering how Baba came to Bindra House in Pune when I was a baby almost daily and spent hours playing with me. That the Avatar took time out to play with a babe was unusual and for that particular babe, very fortunate. This reminded me of a story both my grandmother (Banu) and Gaimai (Eruch and Meherwan's mother) told me.

Baba was very particular that as a baby I had the kajal (soot made from pure ghee) applied to my eyes and a spot placed on the side of the forehead, to ward off the evil eye. He used to say, half in jest, that even He could cast an evil eye and the black would absorb the influence. One day He came soon after I had been bathed, so He called for the little pot of kajal to be brought to Him so He could apply it Himself. The pot was duly brought, He took some of it on His little finger, put it into one eye, then the next and applied a spot on the side of my forehead. Then He called for a bowl of water to wash the rest off. Meheru Mehta, an aunt of mine, happened to be staying in Bindra House at the time. She said to Baba, 'Don't wash Your finger, Baba. Rub the kajal off on my head.' Baba looked at her and then got one of the accompanying Mandali to interpret, 'Do you think that it is so easy to have Me rub my finger on your head? My little finger is so precious that you have to be very worthy to deserve such an action on my part. Go get the water.'

Indeed we who had been in His presence are fortunate. Some are just more fortunate than others! Most fortunate are the children who had the Lord of Lords as their playmate. Meherwan has a photo of Baba playing marbles with him (when he was a little boy) and Baba looks totally comfortable and very happy in that picture. Even the Lord of the Universe takes time off to play marbles or fly kites with the little ones of His creation. Jai Baba.

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