Saturday, 17 October 2009

Giving only a little bit.

If you go back to my post of 15 April 2009, you will read the story of how when Baba asked me to give the elephant a biscuit out of my pack of biscuits, I gave the elephant just a small bit of the one I held in my hand. I was thinking about giving - to Baba, to our families and friends, to people we meet in the course of our lives.

I think that like that child I was then, we only give a little bit. Do I give Baba my full attention at Arti? No. Do I give everything that I do and say each day, whole-heartedly and with full surrender? No. I have been trying to say my prayers with total focus. If I have a thought interrupting them I start again. How many times have I started over and over? Countless. But I find that it helps me to re-focus on Him. And that can only be a good thing. There have been occasions in my life when I have fully surrendered the events and the outcome to Him, and at those times I have found what He gives back when you can do this. He takes over and my problem becomes His. I may not like what He makes happen, but ultimately I find that this was the only and best outcome for me.

I also find I only give pieces to my family and friends, not the whole biscuit, let alone the whole packet! When my parents get repetitive I switch off, I don't pay attention and often I just don't try. I love them both dearly but I don't show this enough. With my son, whom I love very much, I often forget to check on him to see how he is. Of course, he is grown up and a very independant young man. But there are times when I go for weeks without contacting him. I could say, he should contact me, but where is my effort? When a friend needs me to be there, I often have other plans and put my friend on hold, when I should be putting my plans on hold. Coming back to India has made me think over my life and how I am living it. Giving materially is so easy. You have more than you can use, you don't miss what you give. Giving emotionally is a lot harder. Perhaps it is time to give the whole biscuit, not just a corner of it. After all, it's more blessed to give than to receive, right? Love and Jai Baba.


  1. I am thinking of wrinting a blog on giving and taking. I feel giving or offering is a Good act but taking is not....When we surrender all he acts to God it becomes Divine...
    Love and Happy Deepawali
    Chandar Meher

  2. If everyone thought like you, then there would be no-one to take from the givers!! There is nothing more rewarding than to have someone graciously accept your offering. What if Baba said, 'I'm only going to give, not receive.' Our prayers would not be received, our love for Him thrown back at us. Both giving and receiving are important, because it is ultimately Baba who gives and Baba who receives.


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