Saturday, 20 February 2010

Do your best.

My son Sheriar had an interview on the 18th. He's very keen on the job offered, and was really hoping he would not mess up. He prepared, got his tutors at Cambridge to coach him, and was really trying to be as ready as possible.

We'd been talking online about how to work the group sessions, the one on one exercises and the final interview. The day before the interview he got the card I sent via Moonpig, personalised with love and prayers from family and friends here. He emailed me to thank me for it, and I replied that he had prepared, so now take Baba's name and go for the interview. After all, Baba has said, "Do your best, then leave the rest to Me."

I got an email the very next day, saying how funny it was that the exact same message was in the Christmas package from Meherazad which I had sent to him and which he had also received just a few days ago! He felt that this was a good sign, and was much relieved!! So was I, for it showed that He was fully in the picture and had it all under control.

Sheriar feels very hopeful, because he said that he felt everything had gone really well. Well, he has done his best, the rest is in Baba's hands. Jai Meher Baba.

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