Friday, 12 February 2010

Don't forget, there are birthdays coming!!!

I love birthdays! I see that I have some regular readers. Please do feel free to wish me on my birthday, which is the 21st of February! Four days later and I could have shared it with Baba! Baba even said so to my mum, whose only comment was, "Baba it was in Your Hands, what could I do?"

In fact, Meherwan Kashouty does share Baba's birthday. Baba's telegram to his parents Henry and Keecha Kashouty when he was born was, "Meherwan is My gift to Myself on My birthday"... WOW!! I remember Henry telling us this when we visited his home in 1967, and thinking, what a wonderful message to receive. Anyone knows how the Kashoutys are doing?? If you are in touch with them, please post some news and give them lots of love from the whole Kerawalla/Jessawala clan (what is left of it, anyway!). I was Leslie-Meher's penpal for years, she even sent me a slice of her wedding cake (or was it birthday cake?), isn't that sweet? That was sooo long ago! I feel ancient now.. :((

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