Monday, 8 November 2010

About love.

"Don't be angry if someone does not love you the way you want, remember that they are loving you the best way they can."

I read these lines in a book recently, and they made a profound impression on me. I am very often guilty of being upset and angry because someone has been offhand, curt, unavailable or just plain elusive. In my heart I equate it with a lack of love and caring. These feelings have been the cause of a lot of hurt and pain. Reading these lines it was as if a light had come on inside me, and I realized that it is true. People love you the best way they can. Not everyone has the capacity to love you a lot, someone may have been given a very little amount of love for you. And that is the best they can do. You know what I mean, you have very little love for some of the people you know, right??

When you examine any of your relationships with this statement as the benchmark, things improve drastically. You begin to see the limitations and the stresses others face, and you begin to make allowances for them, and slowly release your anger, resentment, hurt, and grief. Just think, how pale a shadow is our love for Baba in comparison to His love for us? If He got angry because we don't love Him the way He wants us to, creation would cease to exist!!! But He is happy with our love, because He knows we are loving Him the best way we can. Big hugs in Him, Jai Baba!

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