Monday, 8 November 2010

Footsteps of Gautama the Buddha

I am reading this book written by Marie Beuzeville Byles. If you haven't read it, do so. It brings home the lesson of going beyond our attachments, and the various 'forms' we create to fool ourselves that this illusory world is real, that the whole universe is nothing but a creation of God's imagination.

It is addictive, and you can't stop reading one story after another. What impresses me the descriptions of the Master's face and form. It reminds me of how Beloved Baba looked - radiant, larger than life, resplendent. Baba's presence was serene, but He had times of great mischief and hilarity.
The Buddha has a subtle sense of humour, but He does not want His followers to laugh out loud, rather to smile without showing their teeth!! I would find this difficult, but I guess the Master's presence helped them obey, just as Baba's presence made obedience to His orders easier.

For those amongst us who would like to see more of the role of women in the Buddha's lifetime, this is also a good book because it talks about the Ordained Nuns, and their lives with the Buddha, their status and their struggles.

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