Sunday, 31 July 2011

Madhusudhan remembered..

Today in Mandali Hall we didn't have a film as is the usual practice on Sundays. So we had Meherwan in the Hall and he was telling stories. An American Baba lover asked about Madhusudan, Baba's song-writer and singer. Madhusudan was very dear to Baba, his songs made Beloved Baba happy and He often asked him to compose a song for a specific occasion. After Baba dropped the body Madhusudan suddenly broke off all contact with Baba-lovers, took down all His pictures and cut Baba out of his life.

Madhusudan and his wife Subhadra were married by Beloved Baba Himself. This was the only marriage He performed personally and Baba asked for a song to be composed for the day. The song was duly composed and sung - 'Prabhu main charanan chod naa jaaoo' Lord may I never leave Your feet and go away - and Baba had him sing the song three times on his wedding day, then had Eruch tell Madhusudan,"Remember, don't leave My feet ever."

In 1991 Madhusudan suddenly reappeared, and when he spoke with Bal Natu said, "I left Him, but He never left me, I am so fortunate." He once again became a part of the Baba community in Pune, and died a couple of years ago. The American wanted to know what had happened and why. Just as we were telling some recollections of Madhusudan, Narendra Thade and his family and friends walked in, some of whom were related to Madhusudan. They took over the story and shared what they knew. Then they asked to sing some bhajans. Imagine our delight when they sang 4 favourites, ending with the Hindi Arti, 'Jahan Kalpana, Shabd Naa Pahunchey' Where the imagination and word cannot reach.. No word, no thought nor our most profound imaginings can reach His Divine Limitlessness....

Madhusudan, we salute your love for your Beloved, and we will always have you with us in your lovely songs. Whenever they are sung your name will be sung along with His name. A friend who was with him near the time Madhusudan died told us this today. Shortly before he died his friend asked him how he felt about Baba now. Madhusudan said, "He is everything, He is all. What else is there?" Jai ho, Jai ho, Jai ho Madhusudan, as our dear Bhauji would say.

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