Monday, 1 August 2011

My first talk at the Meher Pilgrim Centre, Meherabad - Selfish Service.

I have often been asked if I'd like to speak to a group of Baba lovers in Meherabad, and have always said no, not now. Caran St John asked me a few weeks ago and I suddenly felt moved to say 'Yes, sure.' So this morning I presented myself at the MPC for 10 a.m. It was heartening to find that I had 3 video enthusiasts ready with cameras. One was my partner Gary, the other two were Judy Stephens and Biff Soper.

A few residents trickled in but the bus from the Meher Pilgrim Retreat was stuck at the railway lines, so we were bantering to and fro with the people there, whom I have known for years and am really comfortable with. Even the arrival of the bus didn't add many to the count, because Meherabad is pretty deserted right now. We started with some memories of my childhood with Baba. I had announced that I would be talking on Selfish Service and so my stories were basically sharing how I was so selfish around Baba and wanted all His attention all the time. After sharing the 'cute' stories as suggested by Heather (Nadel), I started discussing the selfishness of all who come to Meherabad to 'serve'. Selfless service is, in my opinion, only possible when one is God-realised, because until then we cannot totally eliminate 'self' from even the most 'selfless' actions.

Since the group was mainly composed of residents, they were able to share their thoughts on my statement, and we had a great discussion about what Baba would have thought and how He would like us to act. To say we come to be of service to Beloved Baba is ridiculous. He once told someone, "Don't think you are obliging Me by serving Me. It is I who am obliging you by allowing you to serve." How much clearer can He get? And yet, a lot of people come here and get so embroiled in the work, become territorial and protective of their little spheres of influence, become unhappy when new blood threatens old status quo that they forget why they came here in the first place. Baba takes a back seat to their egos and they become 'someone'. As I told the folks there, I was really blessed. Baba made me averse to work, so I have no problems handing any tasks over. I was going to say 'lazy' but that is not strictly true. I am not lazy as such. Merely averse to work!!

The talk ended after an active discussion and we all had a great time. I am glad that I did this, because it was fun and it helped me reconnect with some residents whom I had lost touch with. Maybe I shall do another one sometime. Jai Baba.

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