Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Meherazad Session - 2 Aug. 2011 - Meher Baba's Enlightenment.

Yesterday, 2 August 2011, Meherwan spoke in Mandali hall to a small and select audience.  There aren't that many people around right now, so it was necessarily small!

Gary (McGill) was recording the session, and asked Meherwan to speak about how Meher Baba got enlightened.  It is a story most Baba lovers are familiar with, but to hear Meherwan tell it is rather special.  Here is the video, all 44 or so minutes of it.  

I was thinking about what Meherwan tells me and anyone who asks, about how to best keep Baba in our daily lives.  Remember Him, take His Name all the time, so that His Name becomes your weapon of offence and defence.  Your sword and your shield.  

I listen to the Gayatri Mantra on my morning walks.  It focuses my mind and as the chant goes on, I get into a state of meditation as I walk around Meherazad.  At first the music in the background is slow and soothing, and the chant is super-imposed on this music.  As the chant goes past the 54th repetition (the Gayatri has to be chanted 108 times, so this is the half-way mark) you notice that the chanting is still at the same speed, but the music quickens.  By the time you are at the last 20 or so repetitions, it is very fast and then suddenly the 108th repetition is upon you and there is no real warning that this is the end.  The presence of the Mandali in our lives is very like that.  At first their presence was suffused with a calm sense of permanence.  The messages they gave were given and received with no sense of hurry.  Then one by one they started to die.  Now we have a very few, Bhauji and Meheru, Manu and Meherwan, left amongst us.  I find Meherwan's constant insistence on remembering our Lord like the quickened music behind the Gayatri Mantra.  It tells us that the time is coming when there will be no more Mandali left and suddenly the last one will be gone and we will kick ourselves for missing the chance to be with them and hear what they have to say in person.  

I see so few residents (and even pilgrims) coming to Meherazad and even fewer taking advantage of the opportunity to talk with Meherwan.  They are busy, but the work cannot take away from why we are really here, to be with Baba and to take in His special flavour through the medium of the last few original ones who lived their lives with and for Him.  Come be here, soon the music will stop and there will be only silence.  Which is as it should be, you and Baba in your own relationship with Him.  Jai Baba.

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  1. Thank you Gary for filming merwanji and thankyou Mehera. I appreciate this very very much. Please say muchas gracias to Merwan and tell him that it is so nice for me to watch this here in Meher Shanti in Spain. Makes us feel right there in Mandali Hall.
    Beloved Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!


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