Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Quite Contrary..

This is a quick vignette about Manu (Eruch's sister) who is now 92 going on 93. Manu can be quite pernickety, and tends to moan a bit about things. Yesterday when our tea arrived at 5.50 a.m. it was not quite enough for two large mugs and it was not really hot. She complained with each sip that it was cold, it was I asked her the logical question, shall I warm it up? Oh no! Why waste gas, I'll drink it quickly. But no, each sip brought the same refrain, "It is cold tea. Why couldn't Kashinath (man-servant who makes morning tea at Meherazad) bring it hot?" So later that day I found Kashinath and told him to please bring more tea and also bring it really hot.

This morning we had a lovely pot of tea - hot and plenty of it - so I filled our mugs and there was still quite a bit left. I asked her if she wanted more when I topped up my mug, and though she said no, I put in a bit anyway. "What are you doing? Do you know how much of a problem it is for me to have too much tea? I have to keep going to the potty and peeing.." OK, no more tea for Manu. So I finish pouring all the tea into my mug, and drink it. AS I take the last sip of tea what happens? Manu pipes up, "Is there any more tea?" See what I mean by Contrary??

Manu is not unique in this. The Mandali were known to be contrary, they said one thing and then when you had done as they asked they changed and said something else. But this was not something they consciously did. Baba used to do exactly the same thing with them, and they just got down and did what He asked, no matter how many times He changed the game plan!!

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