Saturday, 21 January 2012

Seclusion Hill

I wanted to share this picture of Seclusion Hill taken by Gary last month, because it shows how beautiful the hill looks right now. 

I walk up the hill every morning when I am at Meherazad, and it is my morning meditation.  Once I get to the top (usually just about when the sun is rising) I bow to Baba in the sun, the water of Pimpalgaon Lake, the home at Meherazad and at His Tomb shrine at Meherabad (in the old days before pollution you could see Meherabad Hill in the distance) and say to Him, "Thank You for bringing me here today.  I offer my day to You and ask only that You let me live with Your Name on my lips and Your Damaan in my hands. When my time comes let me die with Your Name on my lips and Your Damaan in my hands."  I can't say when I first started saying this little prayer but it came to me and now it is a heartfelt morning greeting to Beloved Baba.  

Baba must be mindful of my climbing and He has noticed that I do try to remember Him as I climb.  I say this because the last couple of times when my attention drifted from Him to something else and was hooked on this intrusion, I fell!  One time I scraped my knee and the other time I had a very bruised backside.  He has a very effective way of drawing your attention back to what really matters, Him.  I just hope He does not transfer this method of drawing my attention back to remembering Him during the rest of the day, because otherwise I am going to end up very battered and bruised with all the falls - both literal and spiritual - that come from the mind wandering indiscriminately.  

Speaking of falls, Manu Jessawala fell off her perch on 19 December 2011 and got an impacted fracture of her left shoulder.  She is taking a long time recovering, though given her age and her advanced osteoporosis, she is doing really well.  She will be out of her sling in the next few days and slowly getting the arm mobilised again.  We are planning on taking her to the Samadhi on 30 January 2012 morning to take Darshan before the crowds all arrive, Baba willing.  She feels motivated to go, because she says she does not know if she will have another Amartithi to go before she goes to Baba.  I think that is a wise decision, because she does seem to be moving away slowly, her mind getting more and more fuzzy about immediate happenings.  When she sleeps she talks to Him out loud.  That said, she is being a real trouper, bearing what must be terrible pain both in her arm and in her legs, and still keeping cheerful most of the time.  

I recall what Eruch would say, "Mehera, don't get old.  Old age is nothing but trouble."  I agree. I have asked Baba to take me once my oldies are all gone.  Maybe when I am approaching 70.  Three score and ten is enough for anyone.  Baba, are you listening??  

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  1. Haahaaahaaaaaaaa. No chotti. You must stay around longer. We still have a lot of ground to cover if He wils it so. And....... Today's 70 is like 50 hau na?!


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