Saturday, 21 January 2012

In His Trust.

The Trust has had a really hard time recently.  There have been open emails about what members of the Baba community see as mismanagement, fraud, high-handed behaviour from those in authority, etc.  In all this, I keep hearing that the Trust is not working, the Trust is in trouble, the Trust is not following Baba's direction....

Well folks, it is not the Trust that is doing all this.  Please remember, the Trust is Baba's and will always be Baba's.  He is the Creator and in His time, if it suits His universal work, He will be the destroyer.  What people are writing about it the trustees.  They are unhappy with what the trustees are doing, with how they are using donations given out of love for Meher Baba, about waste and misuse.  All this is worrying, no doubt.  But it is also due to the fact that trustees are human.  Baba Himself said very clearly, "I am God.  Remember that my Mandali is not Me."  Human frailty is inherent in each of us, so before we point fingers we need to look within and ask, "Am I doing everything I can to be a good example of how His lovers live in my own life?"  Who knows what I would do in a similar situation where I have unquestioned authority?

The Trustees are making an effort to put their house in order.  There has been an open email sent to all Baba lovers on the mailing list about what they are doing to address the concerns of the Baba lovers all over the world.  They are working on making the Trust's programmes more open and transparent and also putting in place safeguards that prevent any one person from making unilateral decisions that affect the many.  It will be possible for individuals to question and to be given an answer, so that this culture of unquestioned authority will give way to a more democratic and productive environment.  It will take time, strong will and the ability to do what needs to be done without worrying about who is saying what.  Hopefully, He will give these trustees the strength to carry out His work in the manner that glorifies Him.

If anyone hasn't seen the open email from the Trust in response to the various challenging emails they received, please ask and I will send you a copy.  The time for all of us to get involved and support any positive change is now.  Jai Meher Baba.


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