Saturday, 31 March 2012

A New Face on the Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Chartable Trust (AMBPPCT) Board, in His Time?

The AMBPPCT has not had much good news to report in recent times, but this may be about to change.  I heard that there may be a new kid on the block, i.e. a trustee in waiting, someone whom I am really excited about seeing as a board member and whose integrity and uprightness are, in my opinion, totally unquestionable.  It is time that the Trust plans for when a space opens on the board and has someone who would be a fitting addition ready to take her place when Baba wills it. 

The breath of fresh air that I speak of is Amrit Irani, daughter of Baba's near and dear disciple, Shatrughan Kumar of Dehradun, and the wife of Baba's nephew Dara Irani, son of Adi Junior, Baba's youngest brother.  I've long thought that Amrit would be the perfect choice for a trustee when the time comes and the board needs to induct a new one,  so imagine my joy when I heard that both Rick Chapman and Nosherwan Nalavala had been to see her and ask her to consider taking on this responsibility, and she had finally said she would!!  

Let me tell you about Amrit.  Not only has she been with Baba since she was a young child, but she was chosen from a whole legion of Baba girls by the Lord Himself to be the bride for His nephew Dara.  Amrit knew that Dara had degenerating vision and would probably lose his sight in the not to distant future, but she didn't hesitate to obey Beloved Baba's instructions.  In those days Amrit was a shy and very quiet girl, she didn't speak much English and she was going to marry Dara and go to England to live!  She took it all in her stride and being courageous, intelligent and very capable she was soon at home in London and managing her home and two young kids (one of whom was severely asthmatic) and working.  Each time she came to visit I always noted how very confident she was and how well she managed her life.  When they moved back to India permanently Amrit again showed her mettle and while living with Villoo (Sarosh Irani's wife and Dara's maternal aunt) she managed Villoo Villa and took care of all the pilgrims who lodged with them during those days.  She had tremendous energy and worked tirelessly (or at least she never let on that she was tired), was always smiling and always ready to help anyone who needed her assistance.

After Mani (Baba's sister) helped her and Dara set up their first home on the road to Meherazad she took on the monumental task of supporting her family by setting up a tailoring business, then expanded into ready-mades, jewellery and home furnishings.  With the same determination and dedication that she showed when she moved to the UK, she made a success of her venture and brought up both her sons in a manner that would make any Baba-lover parent proud.  She has always put others before herself, and in all the years I've known her she has conducted her life and business affairs in a way that would make Baba proud of His child.  She has never once complained about the many hardships she has had to face, hardships that would make many others buckle and give up.  

Amrit is no pushover, she is forthright and will tell you if she thinks you are out of line.  Her integrity is such that I would be sure that with her on the board there is bound to be more transparency and accountability, more sharing and taking into account the views of the Baba community so that the Trust becomes once more a trusted entity, serving the Lord we all love and are here to serve.   I know many of you have met Amrit and know her personally, but for those who don't this is a heart-felt but inadequate attempt to tell you about someone whom I admire, trust and would support in this very important role.  

To recap:  Amrit has all the credentials.  She comes from a family that served Baba and dedicated their lives to Him, she is now part of His own family.  She is no stranger to selfless service and obedience to Baba's wish and will.  She is upright, totally trustworthy and will do her best in whatever she does.  The AMBPPCT's standing can only be enhanced by her presence on the board.  The Baba community knows Amrit from her work in Meherabad where she takes care of Beloved Baba's Samadhi and also from her many appearances as a guest speaker in India and around the world.   

Please do share this blog.  Baba's Trust is our responsibility and it is up to us to ensure that all trustees are shining examples of what it means to serve Him.  Please do write in and support her so she knows that the Baba community is behind her when she does take up the challenge.  If you do write to me either here or via email, I will collect all the letters and then send them on to the AMBPPCT.  I pray that Baba gives her the strength to continue to serve Him, now and for a long time to come.  Jai Meher Baba to you all. 


  1. I am thrilled and delighted that Amrit may step up to this duty and she has my 1200% support, for what that is worth.

  2. YES to Johns comment. I say 'Ditto' to that!~ She is and always has been an amazing woman. Caring, easy to approach and talk with, smart and straight to the point. She will do well if not exceed all her duties as a Board Trustee; A very enabling title for her. Paul Morse {Maui, HI]

  3. I've gotten to know Amrit over the years with Baba and feel the same as you do my dear Mehera. I aplaude whoever has proposed she take a place as a trustee and look forward to input. She is very spirited and imteligent and I feel sure she will be a great asset to the trust.

  4. The blog title now has a '?' as some thought it confusing. Amrit is not currently a trustee but has agreed to consider putting her name up when the time comes. I'm just one of her fans and supporters, with an interest in making sure that the Trust gets the best candidate in Baba's time.

  5. Thank you for clearing the confusion on the subject of the Trust - and so discretely! Jai Baba

  6. I don't know Amrit as a close friend but I have great respect and love for her because of what I do know of her. She is intelligent, intuitive, and courageous. I know that much from a great distance. I hope she will become a trustee as soon as possible!

  7. Yes! Hope it happens SOOOOON!

  8. I once met her father at a gathering at Viloo Villa. His story as a fighter for justice in the past marked him as a tough character, yet at that meeting he displayed immense compassion and gentleness. Meeting Amrit during several visits to India for Darshan at Baba's Tomb, she was always a delightful and completely spontaneous person with a lot of intelligence. I am sure that she will be an asset to any cause or endeavor.


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