Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Memories of Growing Up With God.

Thank you to all my readers and their friends who have written in about "Reality Checks".  This blog is not about the book, nor is it about growing up with God in the experience of my family and myself, other close Baba families and Baba Lovers.

To preserve the nature of my original blog and to still address the questions and wishes of those who have written in, I have created a dedicated blog - "Memories of Growing Up With God".  This will have video interviews with people who are still alive and remember their times growing up with Meher Baba.  It will also, I hope, have video interviews or written blogs from those who have had close contact with God's Mandali.  Many have served the Mandali with love and dedication after Beloved Baba dropped His Body. Their accounts are no less important, because they tell of how the Mandali continued to live the life that He trained them to live.  There are many stories of the absolute obedience and surrender to His Will that will surely delight and inspire anyone who reads them.

I hope you will visit the new blog as it grows.  All of us are on a journey, and we have so much to learn from those who learned to travel this path under the guidance and tutelage of the Avatar.  Jai Meher Baba.

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