Thursday, 8 March 2012

Reality Checks - Part 2

I am overwhelmed by the response to the "Reality Checks" post.  So many of you have written to thank me for the clarifications, the different perspective and to share their own experiences of the Mandali.

I have been asked to give some instances of the closeness and solidarity of the Mandali, and I will narrate a few that I have personally observed.

Mehera was Baba's Beloved and she was very innocent and child-like.  Her whole life had been lived for Baba and He sheltered her from all the unpleasantness and corruption in the world.  The year before Baba dropped His body, He called the ladies (including my aunt Manu, who was staying in Meherazad for her annual break with Baba and the Mandali) to Him individually and made them promise Him that they would look after Mehera and keep her happy.  "If you make Me unhappy I will forgive you, but if you make Mehera unhappy I will not be able to forgive you."  Mehera was not easy to look after.  After the accident she found it difficult to do things in normal time.  It took her hours to bathe, get ready, etc.  Mani, Naja, Goher, Meheru, Rano, Manu, Katie and Arnavaz all would help her along and care for her like a precious child.  She would snap at them if they tried to move her along, but never did they ever retaliate or express even the slightest anger.  Manu says that sometimes Mani would be reduced to tears but she never let Mehera see this.  In front of Mehera they would always stay cheerful, in fulfilment of the promise they made to Baba.

Mani was Baba's gift to His lovers.  Her humour, her wit and wisdom and her loving nature made her the perfect person to front Baba's Trust, which she did with great dignity and integrity for all the years she was the Chairman.  Her understanding was a life-saver for many, I among them.  The way she bore her pain at the last was a shining example of total surrender to Baba's Will.

Arnavaz was the essential counsellor.  She had lived in the world and understood the temptations and trials we all face every day in the world outside. Many times I have taken my problems to her and she has always had something to say that showed me that she understood and was able to empathise with what I was going through.  If my readers have their own experiences, please share them here; about any of them.  I'd love to read.  Thank you Raine, Bill and Frenietta for the lovely story about Jalu.

The men Mandali were a band of brothers.  Aloba was like a sheepdog, herding the others and doing all that needed to be done to ensure that the servants were always vigilant about the needs of the others.  He was passionate about Eruch and when Eruch died he wanted so much to be the next to die, because he wanted to be beside Eruch whom he had been a companion to ever since Eruch joined Baba.  Baba gave him his wish, and he does lie next to Eruch.

Eruch was Eruch.  On the last day of his life he was not well but he still wanted to go to the Trust Office, because Bhauji had returned from his USA trip that day, and Eruch wanted to go greet him.  He went, against all the doctors' advice, and embraced Bhauji.  That is the love and care Eruch had.  I've heard said that he was jealous of Bhauji, but were these the actions of a jealous man?  Eruch did not suffer from jealousy.  I did, about Baba and His attention being given to others.  Eruch always used to say that Baba is for everyone, there is no point in getting upset if He is paying attention to others.  Baba's love and attention were for the universe, so don't expect to monopolise Him.  Balaji was the sweetest soul.  He was grateful for the least thing anyone did for him and would profusely thank me for cooking his simple meals.

The unstinting service that Padri and Mansari offered to Baba, staying away from the main group and looking after His Meherabad, is indescribable.  Mansari often said that she felt that in giving them this work Baba had given her the gift of His constant companionship.  She used to get a bit irritated by the (then) new residents trying to get into the good books of the Meherazad residents, but it wasn't envy.  Just saw them as a distraction from focusing totally on Baba.

I now spend a lot of time in Meherazad, living with Meherwan and Manu (Eruch's brother and sister).  It is a privilege to be with them.  Meherwan is the epitome of self-effacement.  From him I am learning to give up self.  I must admit, he will not be too pleased by the first 'Reality Checks' posting, because he will say that I should have left it alone.  Would I become smaller by the incorrect telling of what happened with my Navjote?  However, I have a long way to go before I can be like him.

Beloved Baba wanted harmony above all else.  I apologise for writing something that could be interpreted as creating disharmony, but that wasn't my intention.  I loved them all, and they were my uncles and aunts and teachers.  I could not stand by and have them portrayed any other way.  Loving Jai Baba.  

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  1. Mehera,I enjoy reading your posts very much. And I am always moved by them. I feel your words resonating in my heart. Every post is precious. Thank you for writing them for us. Jai Beloved Baba!


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