Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Video of Meheru's Journeys from Samadhi to Pyre

As promised, I am posting a link to the video that Gary McGill took of Meheru's funeralIt actually starts with Morning Arti at the Samadhi, and carries on to the end when her pyre was set alight. 

Meherazad is so quiet now.  There is a hush rather than a silence.  When I went to the main house after I arrived this morning Shelley and Julie (Lee-Morris) were sorting through stuff in the dining room.  Meheru died on a hospital bed placed where Goher's bed is.  Today it is covered with beautiful pictures of Meheru and there is a lamp burning by the bedside.  The house already feels orphaned.  It was the women Mandali's home for so many years, and now the last of them has gone, it is incomplete.  No matter who stays there in the future as care-taker it will always feel bereft. 

Manu and Meherwan are both trying to come to terms with Meheru's going to Baba.  Though they are so totally resigned to His Will, there is a hesitation, a lack of confidence.  They have lost a life-companion, someone they have been with over 74 years!  Meherwan was 8 when he came to be with Baba and Meheru was 10.  We met Sampati (the old man who is in his 90's and who helped Donkin build the first road up Seclusion Hill, then later carried water for Baba and the men Mandali up the Hill when Baba was in seclusion there) on the approach road this evening and he said he remembered Meheru coming to Meherazad as a little girl.  "Chotishi mulgi hoetee jehvaa Meherazad laa aalee."  She was a little girl when she came to Meherazad, he said.  That little girl became a beautiful young woman and later after all her Mandali sisters went to Baba, the one who kept the torch burning - telling stories, sharing anecdotes, giving prasad of fruit from Baba's and Mehera's garden to pilgrims.  She was fun, she was exasperating at times, she was, is and always will be Meheru, totally Baba's.  Jai Baba.


  1. Oh meri choti didi. Thank you for keeping it together the way you fo.
    Shahbash! Also a big thank you to Garyji for his films. It makes such
    a difference for we who are far away. Well done Gary!
    Keep it coming chotijaan. Beloved Baba bless you alwYs.

  2. Excelant filming Garyji. Considering everything that was going on you did a first class job. I am very gratefull to you for doing this because for me it was as I was really there. For those yet to arrive at His doorstep this film will be even more valuable.

    For those of us who have been fortunate to know Beloved Babas Mandali we are aware of the evolution taking place as almost all of them have joined their Beloved. As you well say Mehera the spaces that remain as they depart are too palpable and it will take time to become acustomed to missing these close ones who served Him so devotedly and helped all of us to feel we knew the man a little apart from our own inner connection with the Avatar. Well done and again thank you for this. Ambkj!


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