Saturday, 26 May 2012

One of Eruch's Favourite Stories.

I recently had an email from Patty Thorne and she shared a story about a Blue Rose.  It was one of Eruch's favourites and he asked her to tell it whenever she was in Meherazad.  He also often told it himself.  It shows how Baba answers questions.  A child questions and He answers, even the mother is terrified that even God cannot give her child a Blue Rose!  I have left her capitals in, they make the story so much more interesting and fun to read. 

In Patty's words:
I worked for the same employer for thirteen years, since December 1971 when my son was about to turn 2 years old, and always had a BABA photo on my desk. Around 1981 my boss came to me and told me he didn't know how to pray and didn't know if he had to get down on his knees, but that he had 3 things that were a crisis that he could not solve, and this was a man who could usually solve anything...
He was my business mentor and was that for many women. So I told him the MR GOD story of Amrit's father. And I told him that he was ALLOWED TO CHALLENGE BABA TO PROVE THAT HE WAS GOD and ask him to solve all 3 problems, but would have to promise to give BABA the credit if they were indeed solved. He AGREED.  My boss prayed on Tuesday and it all was solved by Friday of the SAME week! ALL 3 WERE AMAZINGLY RESOLVED. Baba just does not wait long FOR SOMEONE HE WANTS! And he came with wonder on his face to tell me. I told my children the story, and they heard me say that anyone could challenge BABA to prove to themselves that HE WAS GOD... only once of course.
So one day when Amber was 8 years old, we were in the car driving to the library and out of the clear blue she says IF BABA IS GOD HE WILL GIVE ME A BLUE ROSE. WELL... I just about had a car accident I was so shocked... I said AMBER THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BLUE ROSE and I didn't mean as a child you could ask that, you have to wait til you are an adult. She was having none of my disclaimers and insisted that IF BABA WAS GOD HE'D GIVE HER A BLUE ROSE! I was having a TRUE CONNIPTION THINKING TO MYSELF, OMG BABA WHAT HAVE I DONE TO YOU... I've just destroyed my life's work with my child! I was apologizing to BABA in my mind and feeling HORRIFIC like the sky had just fallen.
We always got 12 books from the library every week, that was their max, and my kids both grew up with books from the infant stage. Well I was still in shock (this was about 10 minutes since Amber's challenge) when on the book shelf for kids was a book titled THE BLUE ROSE and was about a handicapped child. I THINK AMBER AND I BOTH SAT THERE CRYING. And it was ONLY ME THAT DOUBTED IT... not her. Eruch said this was one of his favorite stories and told it lots in Mandali Hall.

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