Saturday, 16 June 2012

Of Spiritual Steroids and Viruses..

This morning Meherwan and I were joined on our morning walk by Mitra, who volunteers at the Meher Free Dispensary and lives in the staff quarters.  Meherwan whistled for the dogs and Rolly and Gabby (who'd just got back from accompanying me on my daily two climbs of Seclusion Hill and should by rights have been exhausted) bounded up.  Barkus, who was lying down in front of the kitchen, lifted his head but didn't move.

As we started the walk, Meherwan asked Mitra if she had heard of Pitman's typewriting and shorthand.  Mitra said she hadn't and Meherwan elaborated..Pitman's typing is touch typing and it is done by practicing on the QWERTY keyboard until you don't have to look down at what key you are hitting, you do it by touch alone.  As part of the practice you have to type this sentence over and over:

"The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog"

This sentence has all the letters of the alphabet in it, and makes your fingers move in the right way.  The relevance to our conversation, of course, was that Barkus reminded Meherwan of the lazy dog!  Then he went on, "And look at Gabby, he is on steroids and see how much energy he has? There should be some kind of steriod which gives us all enthusiasm and energy to face the day, but without all the side effects." Then, carrying on with this theme of steroids, he continued, "But we do have a very powerful steroid that we can all use as often as we like, every day.  It is the name of the Lord. That is the most powerful steroid, and it has no side effects that can harm you." I did bring up that it could get you premature God-Realization (for the disadvantages associated with GR, please read my earlier blog about everything tasting the same, or did I put that on a comment on FaceBook?), but Meherwan dismissed this as a benefit!  Unlike physical steroids, he went on, the Name of the Lord is a cure-all.

He talked about how if we take His Name we get more and more involved with this practice and less and less with the world of Illusion.  Then we become more and more able to see Baba in everyone, even those whom we don't like, and we begin to be able to love them and bear them no anger or ill-will, bringing harmony into our own and their lives.  The Lord's name is like a virus he said, it wipes out everything that is there and only propagates itself.  I thought "That's really quite true!"  If we compare the repetition of His Name to a computer virus, then by constant repetition, it does take away the old anger, jealousy, hatred, lust and greed stored in our drop soul's hard drive, and finally it wipes it completely and replaces it with a new progarmme.  However, unlike a computer virus, this programme has the ability to maximise your performance spiritually and make you able to progress on the spiritual path. Like all the best viruses, it makes your mind a 'slave' running only on His command and manipulation.  Spirituality can be explained in 21st century "tech-speak", just ask Meherwan!!

There you have it!  Take daily steroid "Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba..." and infect your internal hard drive with the "Name Virus" then sit back and watch your spiritual transformation!  Good luck to you all. 

In His Love, with harmony and understanding (Oh, who am I fooling, of course not!!) and a big Avatar Meher Baba Ki Jai!

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