Saturday, 13 July 2013

Meher Ekam, Meher Nityam, Meher Satyam Sundaram.

Singing Madhusudhan’s beautiful bhajan (devotional song) this morning while cleaning Mandali Hall and Baba’s Blue Bus (because Devana has gone to Pune for dental work) I passed Meherwan who was arranging finances for his trip to Pune next week for his eye appointment.  Stopping me as I passed him, he said, “This bhajan you are singing.” “Yes?”  “Madhusudhan wrote it, and Baba liked it very much.  But then Baba started wondering, is the Sanskrit grammatically correct?  Bal Natu was asked and he said he thought it was pretty accurate.  Baba was not satisfied.  “Go to Panditji and ask him to check and see if it is.”  

Now,  Panditji was a professor of Sanskrit attached to Deccan College, and had happened to come to see Baba and fell in love with Him.  He was devoted to Baba.  Balaji took the lyrics and off he went.  All he knew about Deccan College was that it was across the Bund Garden bridge.  He went across and asked people where the college was, finally reaching it.  Asking around for Panditji, he was directed to the faculty quarters where the professor lived.  Seeing Balaji appear, Panditji was very concerned that something had happened.  However, Balaji reassured him and told him why Baba had sent him to visit.” 

Here Meherwan paused and recalled how Baba had been worried.  This was a Sanskrit bhajan in His praise and if the grammar was incorrect, people would scoff at Baba’s followers, He said.  Where was that Bal Natu, what was taking him so long to do something so simple as find Panditji and get the grammar checked out?  Meanwhile Balaji was trying to do his best to leave without much delay, refusing all Panditji’s entreaties to sit have a cup of tea and something to eat, visit with him and his family for a while.  He hurried back to Baba and of course, was told off for taking so long!  Bal Natu explained what had transpired.

Meherwan resumed his narrative, “When Bal read out the bhajan to Panditji, he listened with great attention.  After Bal finished, he said that the bhajan was truly written from the heart, and the rules of grammar do not apply to such compositions.  It was perfect as it was, nothing needed changing.  Balaji told Baba this, and Baba gestured that He was happy.  And so this bhajan you are singing is heartfully correct, and has been endorsed so by a Pandit of Sanskrit.”  Saying this, he went back to his counting and calculations!!  

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