Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Meherwan Jessawala said, "Post this on the Internet." So here goes!!

We had a really good session in Mandali Hall this morning.  The group was small, and all wanted to ask about improving their inner relationship with Baba.  Many stories were exchanged and it was not just serious, it was also loving, interesting and fun.  A lot of the questions were about how to know if we are progressing on the spiritual path in our remembrance and service of our Lord.

Meherwan said to all, "This is not your work.  You do your own work and let Baba do His.  Progress or not, moving forward or not - that is not for you to worry about.  You just have to go on remembering Him all the time, continuously.  By remembering Him you make the bonds of Maya weaker and weaker."  Then he narrated an incident where Baba gave a couple who were His lovers, a message.  He paraphrased it.

A few minutes ago he came in with a piece of paper and asked me if I could share this on the Internet.  I said, "Of course, I can post it on my blog."  So here is what he handed me.

On 18th July 1959 at about 5.30 PM Baba said to the Khilnani couple (Justice Prem Khilnani and his wife Girija):-

"I am in everybody's heart but I am sleeping there.  It is My old, old habit!  In order to awaken Me you should always call out to Me and say 'Baba, Baba, Baba.....continuously.  Then I, Who am asleep in your heart, will not find any pleasure in remaining asleep..let alone sleep, I shall not find time even to doze!  I shall then slowly be awakened in your heart by hearing your constant calls - your taking my name constantly.  

Once I am awake in your hearts you too would awake and remain awake for all time.  Therefore, repeat My Name constantly and awake Me in  your hearts so that you become awake for all time."  =  Meher Baba  =

OK so there it is people!  Take His Name and perish! Let your false self perish. You know what they say, "There's nothing certain except death and taxes"?  Well, taxes are no longer certain, there are so many ways of evading them.  Death is a certain thing, you begin to die the day you are born.  However, Baba has said that every drop soul has to merge in the Ocean, so actually, "There's nothing certain except God Realization and Death, and actually GR and the REAL DEATH are one and the same thing."

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