Sunday, 18 August 2013

Good, Evil and God-Realization.

Today someone sent me this excerpt from Lord Meher, thinking I'd find it useful.  

"As good is necessary, likewise bad is also necessary – just as positive and negative. Both are essential for action and evolution. If only good were to prevail everywhere, life would end! Both good or bad done to the extreme would lead to Self-Realization; for instance, absolute evil with no trace of good, or absolute good with no 
trace of bad at all – both are equally conducive to the attainment of the goal of Self-Realization.
If this is so, naturally it can be asked, "Why is good preferable to bad?" Both good and bad are zero, being nonexistent for those who are God-Realized. Both are terms of duality. But the Masters and Avatars give preference and advocate good over bad. This is only because good is really, spiritually speaking, easy for reaching the goal; though apparently, materially speaking, it is the reverse.
For example, bad is apparently easy – difficult, really! But the underlying principle in life being spiritual progress – true existence – comes against the material progress which is only apparent and not real. Thus, the Masters advocate good, being truly easy for mankind, as the better course to follow for true progress in the march of life to the goal of Realization.
Another reason for preferring and advocating good is that in evil, although apparently easy, while thinking about and actually committing a bad act, there is always a sort of torture to the mind, which inevitably happens after committing the act. For instance, illicit sex or murder. Whereas in good, which though apparently difficult, there is nothing of the kind – no torture to the mind. On the contrary, there is a constant feeling of a sort of happiness not only in thinking but also in doing a good act, although it is always more difficult apparently to do good rather than bad.
Besides, pursuing the course of doing bad to the extreme would not succeed or endure until the end. A man's body however bold, indifferent, healthy and robust would not be able to withstand prolonged indulgence in bad vices – such as lust, drinking liquor, or violence to the extreme."
Meher Baba

I've always liked this discourse, and so I wrote the following answer back to him, and am sharing because it is based on Eruch's and Meherwan's take on the subject, and I think you will all find it interesting. 

Yes, I have also read this one and posted it on FB somewhere, I think.  Absolute good, absolute evil or both good and evil sanskaras in perfect balance - Realization is the result. However, as Eruch often said, why worry about getting God-realization?  You have no choice, you will get it one day..whether you want it or not!  Knowing this is so, I ignore spiritual progress or lack thereof in myself, and dedicatedly try ignoring it in others who want to talk about it at length.  To the extent of sometimes avoiding that person, just to avoid this discussion!  As you can tell, my good/evil ratio is probably not weighted to the "G" word, rather to the "E"!   
My current work in progress is to accept whatever I'm given to do and do it wholeheartedly. Not grumble or try to get out of doing it (my first reaction to any work I've not specifically chosen myself) but just say "Yes" hard for me to do this, but slowly getting easier.  V-E-R-Y  S-L-O-W-L-Y.  I am working on this because both my uncles - Eruch and Meherwan - stress on obedience.  If I have decided to live at Meherazad and 'serve' here (I am not sure I AM serving, hence the quotation marks) then I have to accept that all the work I'm given is given by Baba Himself, for whatever reason. I can't, therefore, very well say, "No, thank You but no."  I do what I'm asked and look for ways to help bring more efficiency in how things work.  This is a very important trait of lazy individuals, they are always looking for efficient ways to do what they have to, because it saves time and effort.  Best and most efficient of all ways is to delegate, always!  But I am resisting delegation in favour of doing the stuff myself.  Baba, I hope You notice and don't keep this up for too long, please remember that I'd asked specifically for a vacation incarnation!
Seriously though, Meherwan says often and I totally agree that intellectual debates and constant analysis does not really bring me closer to Baba.  In fact, I find myself getting irritable and ornery if I engage in these pursuits for too long. And Baba does not want us to do this game playing.  As He told the Andhra group once, leave your mind closed and open your hearts when you come into My Presence.  That way you will receive the Love I am giving you in full measure. (Not exact quote but you get the meaning?)  Spiritual training is all very well, in small doses. Take it one bite at a time and you may be able to finish the whole portion in this lifetime.  If not, there will be many more to learn the lessons we need to learn and do the things we need to do. Answers come in their time, if you have questions.  If you don't they still come, just like God-Realization, eventually.  And when that has happened to me in the past, it has always come as "Oh, I knew that!" because of course, we know it all, we just don't know that we know!  
There are many of us who are starting to get need do nothing at all, except what is put in front of you.  If Baba puts joy and health in front of you, then enjoy and share it with others.  Savor it and remember to thank Him for all He gives.  If Baba puts pain and suffering your way, then so be it.  Take it and swallow, one small sip at a time.  If you need someone to come hold the cup while you drink, call your friends and loved ones, they want to help.  They do want to be there for you, but it can be hard to say "Can I be there?"  Easier if you ask and then they can come and be with you without feeling like they are imposing. Remember, they can't read your mind! And of course, if they don't then you've given them the option to say "No", haven't you?  Baba has made us part of His family for a reason, apart from loving Him. It is so that we can each of us be there for each of the others if we choose to take this on.  I can't help everyone, but whoever gives me a shout, I always respond and do my best in whatever way I can.  Sometimes I say no, and don't feel bad about it, because better to do nothing than to do everything with a feeling of resentment and reluctance.  And even in your pain and suffering, thank Him for all He gives. He only gives you what you need and in the exact measure you need it. 
Jai Meher Baba!  

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